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Carterton Primary School

Carterton Primary aims to provide a lifelong love of learning.
Providing a happy and secure environment for learning and growing in confidence.
Sharing a community that promotes success for everyone.

Carterton Community Schools Federation Governing Body

The governing body has now federated with Carterton Community College and Gateway School. The Chair of Governors is Nadine Hill and the Vice Chair is Caroline Ramsay. The governing body is made up of twenty governors including Nadine, Tracey Harris and Colin Lambert all who served on the Carterton Primary School governors last year.

The role of a school governor is a demanding but very rewarding role. School governors are responsible for working with the school to ensure that it delivers a good quality education. We work closely with the Executive Headteacher, Head of School and Senior Leadership team of the school.

Governors are all volunteers and are drawn from the representative school groups; teaching and non-teaching school staff, parents, community and local authority.  Together we form the governing body and have responsibility for raising school standards through our three key roles of setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and acting as a critical friend.

We are currently working closely with the head teacher and local authority to ensure the school addresses all the issues raised in the recent Ofsted report. We are committed to ensuring every child at Carterton Primary School has every opportunity to enjoy school and make good progress in their learning.

Details of the Full Governing Body

Nadine Valliant-Hill - Chair of Governors

Colin Lambert - Vice Chair

Damian Booth - Executive Headteacher

Elaine Day - Head of School - CPS

Iain Bilton - Head of School - CCC

Rebecca Tout - Head of School - The Gateway

Lisa Delaney - Co-opted

Tracey Harris - Co-opted

Donna Readshaw - Co-opted

Glinys Weller - Co-opted

Peter Almgill - Associate

Caroline Ramsey - Associate

The governing body may be contacted via the school office.