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Carterton Primary aims to provide a lifelong love of learning.
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Term 6 


I cannot quite believe we have reached the final hurdle: the last term of year 6 is here! We have an incredibly busy seven weeks ahead - completing writing assessments, rehearsing for the end of year performance, moving up days and going to the seaside!


To support the transition into year 7, assemblies this term will be centered around 'life skills' to encourage children to take ownership for their own thoughts, actions and learning. 


Children are always reminded of 'Standards and Expectations', this term being particularly important, as they will be carrying these standards through to year 7. We want our lovely Hawthorners to make a good impression during their moving up days and for the rest of the children at CPS.


PE sessions will take place outdoors so children will need full PE kits, water bottles and hats - sun cream is advisable for those (hopeful) sunny afternoons! 


Thank you for your continued support :)


Mrs Wiltshire

Term 5


Well done Team Hawthorn for completing yet another successful term in year 6 - 2/3 of the way through! I would like to note that, I was incredibly proud of the attitude, manners and utter loveliness, that Hawthorn class displayed on our trip to Stratford. This is the exact outlook I will be expecting for term 5! 


Yes, SATs is just around the corner; however, remember that we see it as an opportunity to show off your hard work :)


Please continue to read for pleasure and to keep that vocabulary and imagination ticking over. On MyMaths, you will find a bundle of Arithmetic and Problem Solving activities to keep your mathematical brain alive! Although you will spend small chunks of time revising for SATs, please take the Easter holiday as an opportunity to have some fun!


Please see below, our timetable and 100 point project (this is optional as I would like you to spend time revising too). Please note that the timetable may change slightly due to it being a small term and revision leading up to SATs. PE lessons will remain in the allocated slot :)


I wish you all a lovely Easter holiday and I will see you soon!


Mrs W 


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Science Week

Science Week 1
Science Week 2


This afternoon, year 6 explored and investigated irreversible changes when mixing materials together! We mixed together the following materials:

*bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice

*bicarbonate of soda and vinegar

*effervescent tablets and water

*washing powder and water



Please ask your child what their predictions were and how this matched (or didn't) the outcome!!





SATs Parent Information



Welcome back to Term 4!


This year is certainly flying by and it seems like only yesterday that I scooped this cohort up and invited them into Year 6. Team Hawthorn have made so much progress already this year, and for that, I am extremely proud.


As we move into term 4 our Value is 'Individual Liberty' - this is something we will be exploring in depth - I will be VERY impressed if anybody comes to me with their own definition when we come back to school!


'Expectations and standards' is a phrase the KS2 team use to remind children of how fabulous they CAN be. This will be a phrase I will be using often, in the lead up to SATs and the transition into Secondary School. Team Hawthorn work incredibly hard, they conduct themselves in a mature manner and most of all, they set their expectations high. Keep striving for excellence Team H - I will be there to nudge and encourage you along the way!


Thank you for your continued support!


Mrs Wiltshire :)



Quick reminder of dates:
Tuesday 26th February: Children will be having a visit from the Daylight Theatre Company to launch our Shakespeare topic. On this day, there is also the opportunity to attend a Parent's Information Meeting about SATs - to let you know the ins and outs. You can attend between 3.30 and 4.00 or 5.00 - 5.30. We look forward to seeing you then! 

Thursday 7th March: World Book Day and Books at Bedtime 

Wednesday 3rd April: Year 5 and 6 children will be visiting Stratford for the day to take part in a drama workshop to show off their learning about Shakespeare! 




Welcome back to Term 3!


I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break; feeling refreshed and ready to begin another jam-packed term of learning! 


Please find below all the relevant information needed for Term 3.


 Best wishes,


Mrs Wiltshire 

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Dear parents, 

Hopefully your child is looking forward to the upcoming residential as much as we are! 
Here a couple of reminders: 

*we leave school on 29th October, after lunchtime – therefore children will need to have a packed lunch and come in their own clothes 
*can all suitcases/luggage be brought to the main office, at the start of the school day 
*remember to send your child with a pillow and duvet/sleeping bag 
*towel and one spare 
*roll on deodorant rather than an aerosol please 
*a carrier bag or bin bag for any dirty clothes 
*clothing for each day and a different set for each evening 
*lots of spare socks 
*children can bring spending money, should they wish to buy souvenirs – no more than £5 pounds and in a labelled envelope 
*no mobile phones or gadgets – but children can bring a disposable camera 
*no sweeties or chocolates – the children will be fed plenty during their stay 
*teddy bears are welcome 
*waterproofs – even though I have ordered sunshine… sadly it cannot be guaranteed! 
*we will return to school before the end of the school day on Friday 2nd November. If for any reason we are delayed, we will be in contact with the school office and they will keep you updated. 
*any parents that are supplying household medicines (calpol etc.) ensure that you have filled out the necessary forms and hand these in to Mrs Kerry – she will be waiting at the office on the Monday morning. Please note: we cannot give your child your provided medicine if you have not filled out the consent form. 
*it will be shared on Parenthub when we arrive at PGL. No news is good news – if we need to contact you, we will contact the school office and they will call you directly  

Have a wonderful half term Team Hawthorn! Ensure that you are well-rested, ready for our best adventure YET! 

Kind regards, 
Mrs Wiltshire, Mr Young and Mrs Kerry 


Welcome Back!


This school year is going to be something truly special – particularly for Hawthorn Class, as they are about to embark on the adventure that is year 6.


There will be plenty of exciting, interesting and challenging lessons to allow the children to develop their interests, skills and knowledge inside and outside of the classroom. No doubt that there will be challenges along the way, but I can ensure that the children will be given every opportunity to grow in confidence and make progress in their learning. 


"I can't do it", doesn't exist in Team Hawthorn.. instead, with a splash of growth mindset.. "I can't do it ... YET".


I look forward to the year ahead! 


Best wishes,

Mrs Wiltshire



Home Learning

Home Learning is set on a termly basis to continue work linked to school, providing children with the opportunity to revise certain areas of learning and to encourage them to take their learning further.


We are continuing to use the 100 Point Projects to allow children to develop the time management skills that are so important in daily life. Each term a set of challenges will be set, linked to our topic. Each of these challenges will be worth a set amount of points. Children need to complete enough tasks to collect a minimum of 100 points. Work should not be sent in each week. Final projects should be brought in during the final week of each term for us to share as a class. 


In addition to this, we will be using MyMaths to offer children the chance to revisit, revise, refresh and extend their understanding - each child should have a log in - if not, please ask and a replacement will be provided. If you do not have internet access at home, I am happy for children to have lunch in the classroom once a week and use the school equipment to access this learning platform. Please let me know if this is needed so I can plan which day...



Reading holds the key to learning in almost every other subject and learning opportunity - it is difficult to access a History topic without developing reading skills as an example.


We expect each child to read beyond school hours.We suggest 5 separate occasions each week. We suggest each night from Monday to Thursday and then an additional session between Friday and Sunday - they may read more of course! This should be a mix of independent reading and reading aloud to someone. It should be recorded in their reading record each time they read outside of school. It is no coincidence those that read regularly see the biggest improvements in writing also.


Each child has a reading diary to record their reading experiences and these are being checked on a weekly basis.


Please also be aware of the value of reading the right text - whilst I understand that certain texts by certain authors are a nice 'Sunday afternoon' read, there is such a wealth of knowledge to be gained by varying the author, text type and genre of book we read - new vocabulary, punctuation use, grammar development and inference all come from a range of texts rather than simply reading the 'cartoon' type books.


PE Kits:

Please ensure that your child has the appropriate PE kit in school, Monday to Friday.

As part of our drive to be active learners, being active is a vital step to promoting learning skills, team building and effective listening skills. It is imperative that your child has the appropriate kit in school as we may have to re-schedule an outdoor session if weather is unfavourable.

Many thanks to everyone for their kind words and wishes at the end of term, we hope you all have a great rest and recharge those batteries ready to hit the ground running in September!


Please keep reading, learning those times tables and checking in on MyMaths over the summer!

Maths revision booklet to help you...

Year 6 SATS information