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Primary School

Ash (N)

Welcome to CPS Ash Nursery Class!




I am Miss Goodchild and I teach in Ash Class.  I live in Carterton with my family and have worked at Carterton Primary School for 7 years.  I think Carterton is a great place to live and I like to go swimming and to the country park.


I love teaching in Nursery and am always busy planning lots of new learning activities and experiences for you all. 


Ash Class' Teaching Assistants Mrs Clarke and Miss Workman work very hard to make sure everyone is happy and safe in nursery.  Mrs Gray helps out at lunchtime.  All the grown-ups love to join in with our fun activities and to teach you new things. 


Please remember to keep checking back for updates to this page!


Miss Goodchild smiley

What have we been up to in Ash Class this week?


Friday 26th November 2021


This week our bear story has been 'Biscuit Bear' and lots of our activities have been based around the theme of food and cooking.  We started the week by planning our Teddy Bears Picnic.  We learnt about 'being responsible' and were responsible for planning what we were going to eat at the picnic!  We used our Biscuit Bear story to learn about different cooking utensils and used whisks to mix up lots of soap flakes in the water tray, rolling pins, spoons and cutters to make our own biscuit bears and knives to spread butter and cut up our sandwiches.  We also learnt about germs by carrying out an experiment with green glitter to show how quickly germs can spread around - we have been extra careful when washing our hands this week!

In Maths we have been learning to use words to describe capacity and been involved in lots of filling and emptying activities.  Perhaps at bathtime your child can show you what they have learnt - Can they show you a cup of water that is full/nearly full/half full/nearly empty/empty?



Friday 19th November 2021


This week our activities have been based around the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We began the week with a maths activity - using different sized bowls and counting the number of spoonfuls needed to fill each bowl with porridge.  We also used wooden blocks to make different sized beds and chairs for the 3 bears.  We have also used clay to make a porridge bowl for baby bear.  On Thursday we made our own porridge and then went for a walk on the school field to let it cool down.  You would not believe who paid us a visit while we were out!  We made sure we told Mrs Claridge all about it!


As well as our Goldilocks activities this week, we have also been marking Anti-Bullying Week.  On Monday we worked together to make each child in the class an 'odd sock' and thought of kind words we could say about each other to add to each sock.  We also thought about our similarities and differences and spent lots of time looking in the mirror and talking about these.  Ask your child to explain what 'anti-bullying' means.

Friday 12th November


This week our bear story has been 'Whatever Next!', a story about a bear who makes a rocket and flies to the moon.  We began the week by working together to create our own cardboard rockets and a space role-play area.  The children have spent lots of time acting out the story and creating their own.  We have also worked in groups to create our own stories about going to space and have learnt how to program beebots to move from planet to planet.

On Thursday we learnt about Remembrance Day and have painted some beautiful poppies and made poppy wreaths.  We also chose our own materials to make medals.  I was very proud of how well the children managed to observe the two minute silence.

In Maths we have been working on different ways to show 1,2 and 3.  We have been busy spotting 1, 2 and 3 fingers, beads, counters and numerals!


Friday 5th November


This week we have started our new 'Bears in Books' topic.  We read the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and made story maps - sequencing pictures and using our own words to retell the story.  We decided that the bear looked sad at the end of the story and we wanted to be his friend so we worked in groups to write letters to the bear, asking him to come to nursery.  We displayed our letters in our 'bear hunt' garden shed and were amazed to find that the bear did indeed 'move in' to our shed on Thursday!

Today we have been celebrating Bonfire Night.   We used scarves and pom-poms to move like different types of fireworks.  We also spatter painted firework pictures and swirled black sparkly water in bottles.

Thursday 21st October


This week our song has been 'Autumn Leaves'.  We started this week with a walk around the school field to look for signs of Autumn.  We found lots of leaves of different colours and, as it was a windy day, had fun trying to catch the leaves as they fell from the trees.  We used the leaves to make leaf prints and mixed paint to make Autumn colours.  In Maths we used leaves to share fairly, using our counting skills to make sure that two cuddly toys had the same number of leaves in their baskets.


Thank you to everyone who came to our 'Stay and Play' this morning.  It was lovely to finally welcome parents back into our classroom, share your child's Learning Journey book and to 'show off' all the children's hard work this term.  I hope you have a happy and healthy half-term smiley.

Term 2 - Bears in Books!


This term we will be reading a different bear story each week and exploring lots of activities related to the theme of each book.  At the end of term we will be taking part in a Christmas performance and attending a Christmas party - look out for more details in our newsletter - coming soon!

Term 1 - Starting with a Song!


This term we learnt a new song each week and were involved in lots of activities based on the theme of each song. Click on our newsletter below for more information!