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Primary School

Ash (N)

Welcome to CPS Ash Nursery Class!




I am Miss Goodchild and I teach in Ash Class.  I live in Carterton with my family and have worked at Carterton Primary School for 7 years.  I think Carterton is a great place to live and I like to go swimming and to the country park.


I love teaching in Nursery and am always busy planning lots of new learning activities and experiences for you all. 


Ash Class' Teaching Assistants Mrs Clarke, Mrs Dowsett and Miss Workman work very hard to make sure everyone is happy and safe in nursery.  Mrs Gray helps out at lunchtime.  All the grown-ups love to join in with our fun activities and to teach you new things. 


Please remember to keep checking back for updates to this page!


Miss Goodchild smiley

50 Things to do before you are 5!


50 Things To Do aims to provide inspiration for parents and carers to connect with children through a range of activities, all designed to have a positive impact on learning and health.


50 Things provides a local offer to families, guiding them to places to visit, and fun things to do on their doorstep. They'll be shown how to make best use of their local libraries, museums, parks and wild spaces - helping to promote community cohesion at the same time.

Presented and packaged through a mobile app means it is easy to get started and conveniently available whenever the moment arises for a new activity.

Term 5 - Meet the Mini Beasts!


This term we will be looking carefully at the tiny creatures that live in our garden.  We will learn songs and listen to stories about them and be able to name different types.  We will learn how to care for living things and spend lots of time outdoors, creating a 'bee garden' and planting!

What have we been up to in Ash Class this week?


Friday 20th May


This week we have been learning about mini beasts that grow and change - especially caterpillars.  We have ordered pictures of a caterpillar's life-cycle and talked about what happens at each stage - ask your child to describe to you what happens!  We also practised our mark-making skills by making caterpillar names. 

All week we have listened to the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and now know the story so well we were able to answer 'why?' questions about the story today.  The children's answers were amazing and demonstrated their growing listening and speaking skills. 

On Wednesday, as a school, we celebrated National Numeracy Day.  In Nursery we looked pictures of objects we see everyday such as clocks, cars, speedometers etc. and talked about how important numbers are.  We used playdough to make caterpillars in different lengths and sizes, coloured numbers, cut out shapes and sang lots of number songs, using our fingers to show 'how many' in each verse.

Friday 14th May


This week we have been learning about mini beasts that spin and weave - especially spiders.  We have used our threading skills to make webs which was quite tricky with long pieces of thread.  After finding out that most spiders have 8 eyes and 8 legs we made spider models to add to the webs.  One morning we found a very long spider thread in the garden.  We followed the thread, remembering the route it took so we could describe it afterwards, and found it took us to a huge spider in the treehouse!


We have also been matching words and mini beasts that start with the same sound.  Today we read the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and talked about the holes in the book.  We learnt how to use hole punches to make our own holes - which took lots of practise and concentration!

Friday 6th May


This week we have been learning about mini beasts which creep and crawl.  We have made ladybird models for our 'mini beast world' in the garden shed and have painted some mini beast pictures - looking carefully at real mini beasts and photos of them to make sure we added the correct number of legs and used similar colours and shapes in our paintings.

In maths we have been comparing amounts and using the words 'more' and 'fewer' to describe them.  We have also been learning to understand and use words to describe where something is such as 'on', 'under', 'above' and 'between'.  We played a game where we listened carefully to some of these words to hide toy mini beasts in our small-world area.  It would be great if you could practise using these words at home over the weekend smiley.

At the beginning of the week we learnt about May Day celebrations and discovered that May Day is a celebration of the start of spring and warmer weather.  We talked and drew pictures about what we were looking forward to doing in the summer - there was lots of discussions about going to the beach, ice creams and paddling pools!





Friday 29th April


This week we have welcomed 10 new children to nursery.  The children are starting to settle well and we have seen lots of smiles and new friendships developing. 

We have begun our new topic - Meet the Mini Beasts - and have been thinking carefully about all the tiny creatures that can be found in the nursery garden.  We have read lots of stories about bees this week and have been learning about how honey is made.  We have made a beehive in our mini beast shed in the garden and the children have been pretending to collect pollen from the flowers and taking it back to the hive.  We have also been planting some flower seeds to plant a bee garden, printing hexagonal honeycomb patterns and painting bee pictures.

Friday 8th April


This week we have been learning about Easter traditions and symbols.  We started the week making Easter nest cakes, cards and Easter bonnets.  We wore our Easter bonnets to perform an Easter Bunny dance and had a parade around the classroom!


Today we had an egg hunt in the garden, we had to find 3 eggs - each with a different number on them and were rewarded with a chocolate egg at the end of the hunt.


Many of the children have been trying really hard to hear the initial sounds in words this term.  It would be great if parents could play games such as 'I-spy' when out and about during the holidays to further develop this skill smiley.







Friday 1st April


This week we have been learning about heroes whose jobs are to keep us and our pets healthy.  We have been especially finding out about dentists and have been practising our toothbrushing skills and talking about why it is important to visit the dentist regularly.


On Thursday we had a visit from Firefighter Andy and the children took turns to dress up in real firefighter uniform and squirt water from an extinguisher.  It has been lovely to hear from some parents how much their children enjoyed the visit!


In Maths the children have become very confident in creating repeating patterns - using all sorts of different objects!

Term 4 - Everyday Heroes


This term we have discovered the work of everyday heroes who help to keep us healthy and safe.  We learnt about the jobs of police officers, firefighters, vets, doctors and dentists, amongst others, and were involved in lots of related activities.  We even had visits from a police officer and a firefighter!  We also learn how to look after ourselves (particularly brushing our teeth) and others. 

Term 3 - I Love Carterton


This term we have been learning about our local environment.  We talked about the things we like to do in Carterton and the buildings, signs and landmarks we see around us everyday.

Term 2 - Bears in Books!


This term we read a different bear story each week and explored lots of activities related to the theme of each book.  At the end of term we will took part in a Christmas performance and had visit from Christmas storytellers and Santa!

Term 1 - Starting with a Song!


This term we learnt a new song each week and were involved in lots of activities based on the theme of each song. Click on our newsletter below for more information!