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Welcome to CPS Ash Nursery Class!


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Term 6 - Summer Stories


This term some of us will be learning at home and some of us will be in school in new learning 'bubbles', rather than all together in our nursery classroom.  As some of these learning bubbles will include children from both nursery and reception classes we will all be following whiterosemaths.com Home Learning - Early Years.  This will include a different story each week with daily learning activities, which can be completed at home or at school in our learning bubbles.


Please click on the link below:





Week 2 - The Night Pirates


For this week's learning we are again following the Whiterose weblink.  Please scroll down and select 'w/c 27th April' don't worry about the date, we have adapted this unit to fit our learning this week.


A YouTube link to the story can be found here:




YouTube links to other pirate stories:


The Troll - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZ1Q_f7JJ8E

Ten Little Pirates - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLpC0rUSB18

Week 1 - The Snail and the Whale


For this week's home learning we are following the Whiterose weblink above.  Please select w/c 01.06.2020 - The Snail and the Whale


A YouTube link to the story can be found here:



Term 5 - Mini Beasts!


This term we would have been learning about mini beasts such as spiders, bees, ladybirds, fireflies and worms at nursery - instead we learnt about them at home!

Have a look at some of our marvellous mini beast home learning!

Term 5 Home learning activities week 5 - Slither and Slide!

Term 5 Home learning activities week 4 - Flutter and Fly!

Term 5 Home learning activities week 3 - Grow and Change!

Term 5 Home learning activities week 2 - Spin and Weave!

Term 5 Home learning activities week 1 - Meet the Mini Beasts!

Ash Class School Closure Letter

Ash Class Home Learning Activities

Term 4 - Heroes!


This term we were learning about heroes and the good deeds they do.  We spent lots of time talking about our favourite superheroes and real life heroes - people who help us and our families everyday.

Term 3 - I Love Carterton!


This term we have been learning about our local environment.  We will thought about all the things we like to do in Carterton and the buildings, signs and landmarks we see around us everyday.

Term 2 - Bears in Books!


This term we have read a different bear story each week and explored lots of activities related to each book.  We celebrated with a Christmas party and visits from a magician and Father Christmas!  We also took part in the EYFS nativity.

Term 1 - Starting with a Song!


This term we have learnt a new song each week and been involved in lots of activities based on the theme of the song. For more information see our newsletter below.



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