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Primary School

Birch (Y3)

Birch Update 20-05-2022

This week Birch class have started a very exciting new learning journey in English - we are writing to The Queen! We have started by researching different aspects of her life and learning the special ways we need to address Her Majesty. Our maths work has focused on money and we have explored making totals with different coins as well as addition and subtraction. 

We also said a sad goodbye to Beth this week, who has been a great member of the school but is now off for new adventures in Devon. We will miss you, Beth!

This week's Gold Award goes to Charis, who has been showing great positivity and sharing excellent ideas in class. 

Birch 13-05-2022

This week we have been working very hard on writing our class book, all about the incredible animals you might see at The Greatest Children's Circus. Each child has a non-chronological report to contribute and I think it will make very interesting reading! In maths, we have been reading scales to help us measure capacity and volume. We had great fun carrying out a bug hunt in the school grounds, where we examined different invertebrates with great care before releasing them back into the wild. In computing, we have started using Scratch (an online coding program) to develop our skills with algorithms. 

Our Gold Award was presented to Oliver, who has shown passion and excellence in his writing this week. 

Birch 06-05-2022

Our circus theme has continued this week, with a brilliant circus skills workshop. The children showed fantastic passion and resilience in tackling tricky skills and loved performing for parents at the end of the day. We have tackled reading scales in maths and in science we learnt how scientists classify different types of animals. 

The Gold Award goes to Paige, who used super teamwork when she presented a circus poem to the class. 

Birch Update 29-04-2022

This week we have launched our exciting travelling circus topic with a morning full of activities to engage the children. In maths, we made good progress in telling the time and we have started a new unit in science all about different types of living things. We are all getting to know Mrs Gren! We finished the week with the class writing letters applying for jobs at the circus and in computing we created digital images of dinosaurs roaming around the school grounds. 

Our Gold Award went to Sophia this week, who consistently shows care and kindness to the whole CPS community. 

Birch Update 08/04/2022

It has been another busy week as we get ready for the Easter holiday. We finished our writing learning journey by creating stories about King Arthur in the style of a legend. It is fantastic to see the progress that the children have made with their writing. We also completed our work on fractions and when we return to school after the Easter break, we will be focusing on telling the time. This is a great skill to practise at home over the holiday.

There was an opportunity to share homework projects and the children brought in some brilliant fact-files, finger puppets and top trump cards which they had made. There were so many, we ran out of time to see them all, so a big thank you to the patient children who are going to share their work in the first week back to school. 

It was great to be able to send so many children to see Mrs Claridge to show that they had 25, 50 or even 100 readings in their Reading Records! I wonder who will be next to reach one of these milestones? 


Birch Update 01/04/2022

The class have coped brilliantly in my absence this week, so I thought it would be best if they wrote the weekly update. Here are their thoughts:

We learnt how to subtract fractions and it was easy! In computing, we learnt how to make tessellations and we enjoyed making different patterns without any gaps. For PE, we practised different ways of hitting the ball with the tennis racquet. As our topic is coming to an end, we have been presenting all the information we have learnt in different ways. In science, we have made different types of switches.


Our Gold Award winner this week is Martha, who has consistently shows super resilience when learning.


Birch Update 25/03/2022

This week we have been building our writing skills as part of our learning journey, focusing on punctuating speech and extending our sentences. In maths, we've been finding fractions of amounts and linking this to our times table knowledge. We had a lot of fun in computing when we edited digital images and made some very funny pictures. In science, we investigated which materials allow electricity to pass through them (conductors) and which don't (insulators). 

Our Gold Award goes to Henry, who has shown great skill when working with fractions. 

Birch Update 18/03/22

It's been another busy week in Birch Class. We finished editing and writing our diary entries about Princess Frideswide's daring escape from King Algar and tried our best to use the new vocabulary we have learnt. We have continued to persevere with fractions and have been exploring equivalent fractions through fraction walls, bar models and a lot of talk about sharing pizza. In our topic we consolidated our knowledge about life in  Anglo Saxon times and have produced some lovely non chronological reports to share our knowledge. In PSHE we have been exploring our value of caring and thinking about what makes a good friend and how to be a good friend. Our class author of the term is Roald Dahl and we have been really enjoying 'The Twits' as our class story at the end of each day.

Well done to George who is this week's Gold Award winner. He has been learning his spellings and times tables with skill and it's been brilliant to see his perseverance paying off. 


Birch Update 11/03/22

This week we have continued learning about fractions and started to look at equivalent fractions, including looking for patterns. In English, we have planned our final piece of writing for the current learning journey and made excellent starts on writing a diary entry in character. We've also had a fun lesson in computing where we began to learn how to edit digital images and in science we have started our new unit of work on electricity. It was wonderful to see the whole class dress up to show their support for the people in Ukraine at the end of the week. 

This week's Gold Award winner is Alyssa, for taking pride in achieving more during lessons. 

Birch Update 04/03/2022

Birch class have had a great week back in school and we really enjoyed World Book Week. There were a wide range of characters in the classroom and everyone looked fantastic. The children really enjoyed having a proper whole-school assembly and seeing everyone's outfits. In class, we looked at one of my favourite books, 'The Bear and the Piano' and it generated some super writing. 

In maths, we have started looking at fractions with lots of focus on equal parts, so if you are sharing anything out at home it would be great if you could chat about what fraction each person is getting. 

We have also finished sharing our Home Learning and it has been great to hear the children talking about their work with pride and a sense of achievement. There is a new Home Learning sheet coming home today and we can't wait to see what the children produce!

This week's Gold Award goes to Grace Meeks for her perseverance in English and maths.

World Book Day in Birch Class

Birch Update 18/02/2022

Although we have not been in class for the last day before half-term, Birch Class have still managed to complete a lot of learning! Building on from our work on measuring length, this week we have started to understand and calculate the perimeter of objects and shapes. In English , we began to learn the story of 'The Princess Who Hid in a Tree', which is based on the life of Oxford's patron saint, St Frideswide. We've also added to our computing skills by recording podcasts featuring Hiccup and Stoick the Vast from 'How to be a Viking' (voiced brilliantly by the pupils!).

Some children had a chance to share this term's home learning on Thursday and I will be adding photographs of this soon. If you were planning on bringing it in on Friday, don't panic! When we return to school after half-term, we will make sure there is time for everyone to show their work so we can celebrate the independent learning that has been taking place. 

We hope everyone has stayed safe today and has a peaceful half-term break in the next week. 

Birch Update 11/02/2022

This week the children have been working on their final piece of writing for the current learning journey and it has been brilliant to see the progress they are making! Their work is full of great ideas and they are showing their growing skills in using subordinating conjunctions and adverbs. In maths, we have started converting between centimetres and millimetres, and centimetres and metres. It is tricky, but they have all tried so hard. We have all logged on to TimesTable Rockstars so they are ready to use it at home and it will be great to look at their progress when we go back to it next week. 

Our Gold Award goes to Isac, who has become far more skillful when measuring length using millimetres, centimetres and metres. 

Birch Update 04/02/2022

Birch class should sleep soundly tonight, after a very busy week! On Wednesday we had an exciting workshop to help us learn about the Anglo-Saxons, which included aspects of geography (learning where the invaders settled), drama (acting out battles) and investigating some of the artefacts from that time which have been found in the local area. Carterton College hosted a multi-sports afternoon for us on Thursday and the class were a credit to the school, with exemplary behaviour and a positive approach to every activity. We finished the week by making pan pipes in science which helped us to understand high and low pitched sounds. 

Our Gold Award goes to Annabelle this week for fantastic progress in her writing skills and creativity. 

Finally, we said a sad goodbye to Miss Muir, who has been such a great member of the Birch team during her training placement. Happily, the goodbye isn't forever and we are all looking forward to her returning in the new school year. 

Birch Update 28/01/2022

This week Birch Class have tackled challenges from Commando Joe which have helped us develop our creative thinking and problem-solving skills. The children supported each other and shared ideas to overcome the challenges - great work, Birch Class! In maths, we tackled remainders when working with division, and in English we started a new learning journey based on the book, "The Anglo-Saxons Are Coming!"

The Gold Award winner for this week is Austin, who has been persevering with his writing and improving his presentation skills. 

Our Viking boat making

Welcome to Spring Term 1

Class update 21.01.22

This week, Birch class have transformed themselves into authors, editors and publishers as we completed our learningj ourney based on ‘How to be a Viking’. We now have some brilliant pieces of polished writing to display in the classroom.
We welcomed a new member to our class and she has done a great job at settling in – well done, Grace!  In maths, we are tackling division. By the end of the week,
everyone was feeling much more secure when solving these calculations. Times table knowledge continues to be very important for our lessons, so please practise as much as you can.
Congratulations to Ayla, who is our Gold Award winner this week. She has been showing super resilience and has been a good partner to other children in maths.

Class update 14.01.22


This week Birch class became history detectives when they learnt about the discoveries at Sutton Hoo. They looked for clues from the artefacts which were unearthed there and started to build their understanding of the Anglo-Saxons. The class also had the opportunity to work with a range of teachers as they started their PE sessions with our PE expert, Ben, and began to learn Spanish from a native speaker. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, they will be able to share some of the new words they are learning at home. 

In English, we have added onomatopoeia, similes and fronted adverbials to our writing skills and in maths we are starting to use short multiplication. Keep practising those times tables!

We ended the week with an exciting science lesson where we explored the link between vibrations and sound by identifying what was vibrating on different musical instruments.

Congratulations to Dexter, who has earned this week’s Gold Award for making a big effort to improve the presentation of his work.

Class update 07.01.22

For Birch Class, our first week of 2022 has been short but full of learning experiences! The children have helped Miss McDonald to start learning about the school and have made her feel very welcomeand part of the team. A big thank you from her!
We launched our ‘Invaders’ topic by planning and making our own Viking boats, which we tested on stormy water (in a tray!). It was a great opportunity to work creatively and to build our teamworking skills. It was brilliant to see the children sharing ideas and supporting each other while they reflectedon why boats were so important to the Vikings. We’ve also started a new Learning Journey, where a small Viking called Hiccup is helping us to learn ‘How to be a Viking’. To finish the week, we visited
Oxford Playhouse for a fantastic performance of ‘Robin Hood’.

Birch Class - Weekly Bulletin - Term 2


Weekly update 16.12.21 

This week in Birch Class we brought our learning journey to an end by writing our own versions of the story 'The Polar Express'. It was really exciting to hear how the children had changed the story to make it unique. The children are gaining confidence in using fronted adverbials, interesting adjectives, similes and alliteration in their writing. This is really pleasing to see! We finished the term with a CPS tradition. Singing the  '12 Days of Christmas' with actions, brought a sprinkle of festive cheer.


Weekly update 10.12.21 

This week in Birch Class we explored using fronted adverbials at the start of a sentence to inform the reader about the time, place or manner in which something was happening. We have planned our own versions of 'The Polar Express' and will begin to write our stories next week. We worked collaboratively to use our knowledge of multiplication and division to solve word problems. Sharing Christmas chocolates at home would be a great opportunity to reinforce how to divide equally!

A big well done to Charis who has been awarded the Gold Award this week for her great acting in role for our 'freeze framing' of The Polar Express.  


Weekly update 3.12.21 

This week in Birch Class we climbed aboard The Polar Express to begin our new learning journey. The train was packed full of excited children who couldn't wait to see what it was like at The North Pole!  Let the adventure begin...

A big well done to Alyssa who has been awarded the Gold Award this week for her brilliant poem about her goddess 'Galaxy' using some wonderful figurative language.


Weekly update 26.11.21 

This week in Birch Class we have begun to write poems about our Egyptian God or Goddess. We have worked hard to include figurative language such as similes, metaphors and alliteration.  We spent today learning Indian dance moves at the workshop which we performed with other classes to end the day. This was a brilliant finale to the learning we have been doing in RE about Diwali. 

A big well done to Julia who has been awarded the Gold Award this week for her interesting and informative Egyptian fact file. 


Weekly update 19.11.21 

This week in Birch Class we have thoroughly enjoyed Egyptian day. The children decoded messages written with hieroglyphs and wrote their own. They helped to prepare, cook and taste an Egyptian flatbread with hummus and an Egyptian salad dressed with cumin and lemon juice. We also designed our own hieroglyph on a clay tile which was inspired by what we have learnt about the Egyptians. The children looked wonderful in their costumes.  

A big well done to Jody who has been awarded the Gold Award this week for his excellent effort in Maths.


Weekly update 12.11.21 

This week in Birch Class we have started to learn about multiplication in maths by counting in steps of 2, 5 & 10 and using equipment and arrays to begin to explore making equal groups. We enjoyed learning about solids, liquids and gasses in Science and exploring non Newtonian fluid when we made 'gloop'. Ask your child to tell you all about how gloop behaves when you hold it. The children took part in a special assembly and showed their respect for all servicemen and women on Armistice day with a two minute silence. 

A big well done to Evie who has been awarded the Gold Award this week for her contributions to class learning and always trying her hardest.


Weekly update 5.11.21 

This week in Birch Class we have been learning how to estimate answers to addition and subtraction calculations. Maybe you could practise estimating how much a couple of items in the supermarket would roughly cost if you are shopping this weekend. We enjoyed learning about the Hindu festival of light and thinking about how light and dark made us feel as we watched a candle flicker. 

A big well done to Emelia who has been awarded the Gold Award this week for her excellent effort in writing a character description.