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Primary School

Birch (Y3)

Birch Class - Weekly Bulletin - Term 6


Term 6 Week 1:

We have started learning about life as a Roman. We are enjoying the text 'Escape from Pompeii' where we are finding out about the adventures of Tranio and his friend Livia. Disaster is just about to strike... We have learnt about the difference between the diet of a rich Roman and a poor Roman in preparation for our Roman feast later in the term. To top it off the sun has been shining and we have enjoyed a game of rounders in PE. 


Term 6 Week 2:

We have finished reading the text 'Escape from Pompeii'. The ending was quite emotional. The animation we watched of the day that Vesuvius erupted took our breath away! I have been impressed with the children's use of powerful vocabulary in their written work. We are now moving on to write a newspaper report and have generated some very catchy headlines. 

This week has also been healthy eating week. The children have learnt about the importance of drinking plenty of water, thought about the importance of planning meals and activity to keep fit and well. They would love to get involved with making a meal for the family this weekend.


Term 6 Week 3:

Birch Class have completed their unit of work on Time and moved onto following directions using turns and relating these to angles. The class have written two diary entries as the character Tranio from our story. The diary was written in the past tense but using present tense quotes. There were lots of rules to remember when punctuating a direct quote! We have also found out about carbohydrates, can name examples of different carbohydrates and why we need to eat them in our Science lesson. Phew... another packed full week!


Term 6 Week 5:

Roman feast: The children (and staff) looked fantastic in their Roman costumes to take part in the feast. We decided that we would rather eat like a poor Roman than a rich one! We enjoyed trying out a Roman recipe for pancakes with dates and honey (see photos)



Term 6 Week 6:

We have spent the week getting to grips with weighing objects using scales, calculating the difference in weight between two objects as well as working out the combined weight of items. How about baking a cake this weekend and showing your child how to read the scale accurately to reinforce what we have been doing in school. Learning is always much more fun if it has a tasty end result! 

Birch Class - Weekly Bulletin - Term 5


Term 5 Week 1:

We have had a busy first week back. We have started our unit of work on the text 'Cinnamon'. The children enjoyed stepping into the Indian Princess' shoes, they put on her crown and took on her role brilliantly! The children used some wonderful vocabulary in our thought tapping activity to explain how frustrated they were about not being able to see or speak. 

We also enjoyed a visit to the school pond to see the tadpoles. We will keep a close eye on their growth over this term.  


Term 5 Week 2: 

We have been exploring friction in Science this week, we have learnt that a force is needed to make something move or speed up, like pushing your feet down on a bike pedals. Friction is a force which can slow something down. I have asked the class to see what happens when they pedal their bike or push their scooter, then stop pedalling/pushing. Maybe you could try this out over the weekend. 

We have also finished our unit of work on the text Cinnamon. Ask your child to tell you about the story plot. We loved it!


Term 5 Week 3:

We have concluded our learning journey on the text Cinnamon this week by changing the characters and the main plot to make the story our own. We have worked hard on adding dialogue to our stories and started to organise our writing into paragraphs. We have learnt about magnetic field through a hands on investigation using a bar magnet, piece of paper and some iron filings. What a busy week!


Term 5 Week 4:

Monday morning was full of nervous children and suspense after we received a message about some strange goings on in our school grounds... On closer investigation the children unearthed a single dragon egg! We have become 'Dragonologists' who are searching for answers about the dragon's habitat, diet and special powers which this mythical creature may have.


We have also made our voices heard by taking part in 'The Big Ask' questionnaire which will highlight the views of our children following the Covid 19 pandemic with the Children's Commissioner for England.


Term 5 Week 5:

We have reinforced what we have learnt previously about perpendicular lines and have been finding right angles in shapes in maths this week. We have challenged ourselves to draw shapes and pictures containing right angles. The trickiest part was holding the ruler still while drawing straight lines! This week we have also started to draft all the different sections of information for our non chronological report about dragons, and have investigated the strength of  a range of magnets.


Term 5 Week 6:

We have worked our socks off this week to learn all about regular and irregular polygons. We have explored these shapes in a number of ways and can confidently talk about parallel and perpendicular sides as well as right angles. We have spent time publishing our non chronological report about a dragon. They really are wonderful to read.

Next term we will be learning about the Romans... we cannot wait!

Classroom pictures

Welcome to the Summer Term!

Hello Birch Class, we all hope you had a wonderful Easter break and have had lots of opportunities to soak up some sunshine! This term we will be comparing Carterton to a village in India, learning how to use the computer program 'Scratch', becoming athletes in PE and being inspired by Andy Warhol in Art! Our learning overview for this term is attached below so you can find out what else we will be exploring! 


The Birch team:

The Birch team this year are:


Mrs Wiltshire - Year 3 teacher and RE Lead 

Teaching Monday to Wednesday


Mrs Taylor - Year 3 teacher and Science Lead

Teaching Wednesday to Friday 


Mrs Lucas - Teaching assistant (mornings)

Mrs Kerry - Teaching assistant (afternoons)


What to wear and bring to school

All students should come to school in school uniform and with their lunchbox if appropriate. Students should pack a water bottle and a fruit or vegetable snack for break time. Please make sure all personal items are labelled with your child’s name. We aim for two P.E sessions during the week (Tuesday and Friday). On PE days please send your child in their appropriate PE kit for an outdoor lesson. We will not be changing for PE in the classroom due to COVID-19 restrictions. 


Termly timetable, termly learning overview and homework

Your child's timetable will be on this class web page. Home learning will be primarily set via Google classroom each term – where possible submission should also be on Google classroom (unless something more tactile like a model/cooking etc). As with previous years the homework will be based on the 100 point challenge. If at any point you would like extra support work for your child please contact us.

The termly learning overview will be published on this class page at the start of each term so that you are aware of what your child is learning across all the curriculum subjects. 


End of the day

The school day ends at 3.10pm.



If you have any queries about the daily routine or what your child is learning then do not hesitate to get in touch. We will circulate our contact details via Parenthub. We will always endeavour to reply to you as soon as possible, occasionally this may take longer than we would like but we will always aim to get back to you within 24 hours during the school week.


Whilst the start of the new school year is always busy, we hope you and your child are looking forward to the beginning of what we’re sure will be a very exciting year ahead.



Mrs Wiltshire and Mrs Taylor

Birch Class timetable 2020-21

100 Point Project Term 1

100 Point project Term 3

100 point project Term 5