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Primary School

Chestnut (Y4)

Spring Term 2022

Weekly Update 14.01.2022


This week, Chestnut has been carrying on with multiplication, using the skills they have learnt last week. They have also started to divide two digits by one digit, using the bus stop method. In English, they have written a letter, as if they were on the journey with Hiccup, using adjectives and new vocabulary to describe. In Science, Chestnut has been looking at sound. They used instruments to understand which parts of the source vibrate, and how this creates sound. This is the first week that the P.E coaches have taken them for their P.E lesson. They got extremely muddy, but had lots of fun!


During the past two weeks, Chestnut class have worked extremely hard. They enjoyed making their lanterns for the lantern parade, making sure they carefully followed instructions. They looked great! In English, we climbed aboard The Polar Express. They have been exploring the story and have been identifying the features of a good narrative. In maths, Chestnut have been multiplying and dividing by 9 and 7. They particularly liked using their hands to help with learning the 9 times table. In French we have learnt the different ways to say “my” and “Do you have any brothers or sisters?” Last week in science, the children investigated the process of evaporation and this week looked at the process of condensation.  Last week the Gold Award was Grace, and this week it is Aashish. Well done! 

Weekly Update 26/11/21

Chestnut have worked really hard in English this week. We have looked at figurative language and have used this to describe our gods. They will use what they have learnt, during the last two weeks, to produce a poem about the god they have created. This week in maths, Chestnut have been looking at multiplying and dividing, mostly by 3. In DT, they have looked at fonts and have experimented to create a range of different fonts and graphic techniques. We have also started hockey in PE this week and practised controlling the ball using the stick. They really enjoyed this. Our Gold Award this week went to Darcie for her brilliant writing in English and her fantastic attitude to her learning. Well done for a great week Chestnut class!

Weekly update 19/11/21

This week in maths, Chestnut have been looking at multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. In English, they have also enjoyed creating their own Egyptian god, where they used expanded noun phrases to describe what they looked like. We have also looked at the River Nile and used geographical language to label where is begins and ends. We are looking forward to writing our fact file about of god next week. We loved making Egyptian necklaces and making and tasting flatbreads as part of our Ancient Egyptian day. 

Our Gold Award this week went to Poppy for having a great attitude to her learning. 

Weekly Update: 12/11/2021

This week Chestnut class have worked hard on their assessments. They have also enjoyed writing their Diary as Ali who explored the tomb of Tutankhamun. In Maths the children had been looking at measurements focusing on perimeters. 

In French they have learnt how to say some colours in French... Noir! Blanc! Jaune! Rouge!

We are looking forward to starting a new text next week. We will tell you all about it next Friday!

Weekly Update: 05.11.2021

This week in English Chestnut class we have been looking at the features of a diary entry and writing a diary entry from the perspective of Ali from our book Tutankhamun's Tomb by Sue Reid. In Maths we have been looking at equivalent lengths of mm, cm, m and km. The children have used various techniques to compare and convert different lengths.

This week Chestnut class have really enjoyed PE. They played tag rugby and completed the daily mile. Some children also represented our class beautifully during a cross country event at the Carterton Community College.

Well done to Riley for his Gold Award this week he has had a fantasatic week at school.

Weekly Update 15.10.2021

Chestnut really enjoyed geography/history and learning about the development and design of the pyramids over time. We also investigated the significance of the Rosetta stone and wrote messages in hieroglyphics for our friends to decipher.

This week in English we have been writing, editing, improving and publishing our fantastic versions of Egyptian Cinderella.

In Maths we have been adding two 4-digit numbers with more than one exchange.

Well done to Noah for winning our Gold Award this week. He has been an amazing role model in school.

Enjoy your weekend!


Weekly update 08.10.21 

This week in Chestnut Class we have been finding out all about the digestive system! We have been investigating parts of the body and what happens to food and drink after we eat it (URRGH!)

In Maths we have been learning how to count in 25s and in English we have been planning our version of the Egyptian Cinderella.

A big well done to all of Chestnut Class who have been awarded the Gold Award this week for their amazing learning behaviours! 

Welcome to Chestnut Class


A huge welcome to Chestnut Class!


Hello, I am Miss Carter.


I currently live in Carterton with my 14 year old son who attends Carterton Community College and my partner and our axolotl called Toothless. I am originally from Windsor, and moved to the area about 4 years ago. While I was in Windsor, I worked in the largest primary school in the country which is based in Slough, and gained a lot of experience while I was there. I am the PE Coordinator and have a passion for running which I developed in lockdown and have competed in 5k runs and am training for my first 10k. I love working at CPS and am excited to be here for another year!


To find our classroom please come into the school by the small pedestrian gate to the right of the driveway and line up along the path. A member of staff will meet you at the bottom gate and the children will walk into their class. At the end of the day you can come in through the gate and wait on the playground and the children will be let out from the classroom.


Our day starts at 8:40am and finishes at 3:10pm. We have lunch between 12:00am and 1:00pm


PE Days are: Monday and Wednesday


This Term’s Topic is: Egyptians


We are really pleased that you are joining  Chestnut and look forward to seeing you soon!


Miss Carter


What to wear and bring to school

All students should come to school in school uniform and with a school bag. Students should pack a water bottle and hat. Please make sure all personal items are labelled with your child’s name. 


Termly timetable and homework

Your child will receive a timetable at the start of each term. This will also be sent out and put on the class web page. Homework will be primarily set via Google classroom each term – where possible submission should also be on Google classroom (unless something more tactile like a model/cooking etc). As with previous years the homework will be based on the 100 point challenge. If at any point you would like extra support work for your child please contact us and we can provide appropriate support.


Take care,


Miss Carter

Term 1 Week 3

This week we have been delving further into our new text, and have been working on expanded noun phrases to describe and make our writing more exciting. 

In Maths we have been looking at 4-digit numbers and using this to partition and count in 1000s, which included a fun game we played in the classroom.

We have also started with basketball this week, and the children were really enthusiastic as we learnt how to dribble the ball while moving, and how to perform a chest pass effectively and while running around the playground.

In art, we have continued looking at shading and used this to highlight facial features.

Miss Carter


Term 1 Week 2

This week we were treated to a wonderful performance from a string quartet, which the children thoroughly enjoyed and engaged with.

We have had our introduction to our new text 'There's A Pharoah In Our Bath' and the children were amazed to discover an actual mummy on the daisy on Monday. They have been making predictions on what will happen in the text and looking at newspaper reports.

In Maths, we have been recapping our place value and our understanding of the value of the digit in 3-digit numbers. We have been using concrete manipulatives and pictorial representations as well as writing in numerals.

It has been very hot this week, but the children have coped so well!!

Miss Carter

Please find enclosed below the Year 3 & 4 statutory spelling lists as defined in the National Curriculum. This list is the set of words that children are expected to be able to spell by the end of Year 4.


It would be a great support to have these on display at home and to have fun testing one another on them and setting challenges to learn sets of them each week as part of home learning.


Also enclosed is the Year 5 & 6 list for those in need of the additional challenge!

Home Learning

Home Learning is set on a termly basis to continue work linked to school, providing children with the opportunity to revise certain areas of learning and to encourage them to take their learning further.


This year we are using 100 Point Projects to allow children to develop the time management skills that are so important in daily life. Each term a set of challenges will be set, linked to our topic. Each of these challenges will be worth a set amount of points. Children need to complete enough tasks to collect a minimum of 100 points. Work should not be sent in each week. Final projects should be brought in during the final week of each term for us to share as a class and also with parents on our open afternoons. 



Reading holds the key to learning in almost every other subject and learning opportunity - it is difficult to access a History topic without developing reading skills as an example.


We expect each child to read beyond school hours.We suggest 5 separate occasions each week. We suggest each night from Monday to Thursday and then an additional session between Friday and Sunday - they may read more of course! This should be a mix of independent reading and reading aloud to someone. It should be recorded in their reading record each time they read outside of school. It is no coincidence those that read regularly see the biggest improvements in writing also.


Each child has a reading diary to record their reading experiences and these are being checked on a weekly basis.


PE Kits:

Please ensure that your child has the appropriate PE kit in school, Monday to Friday.

As part of our drive to be active learners, being active is a vital step to promoting learning skills, team building and effective listening skills. It is imperative that your child has the appropriate kit in school as we may have to re-schedule an outdoor session if weather is unfavourable.