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Carterton Primary School

Carterton Primary aims to provide a lifelong love of learning.
Providing a happy and secure environment for learning and growing in confidence.
Sharing a community that promotes success for everyone.


At Carterton Primary School we deliver an inclusive, broad and rich curriculum which provides our pupils with engaging, meaningful learning experiences to inspire, enthuse and challenge our children.

Our curriculum aims to identify opportunities for all pupils to apply their core knowledge and skills in English, Mathematics and Science across a range of subject areas.

Our topics are frequently planned around a theme linked either either through Science/Geography/History or through a text to promote a pleasure in reading and learning.

We aim to prepare our pupils for life in modern British society by fostering in them attitudes and qualities which will enable them to become confident, caring, respectful and responsible citizens.

Carterton Primary pupils are given a voice and involved in planning and decision making through School Council and Pupil Voice questionnaires. Our children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning in a variety of ways such as peer and independent learning opportunities. In doing so, we intend to foster a lifelong love of learning.


We also encourage our pupils to engage in a range of extra-curricular activities across a range of areas to encourage children to develop new skills and interests, create new friendships, resilience and teamwork.

At Carterton Primary School our classes are organised into three phases:


Early Years Foundation Stage: ages 3-5 (F3, F2 and F1)

Key Stage 1: ages 5-7 (Years 1-2)

Key Stage 2: ages 7-11 (Years 3-6)


For further information about individual classes please click on their class pages.



Enrichment opportunities


Across the course of the year we offer quality first teaching across the curriculum. In addition to this there are opportunities to develop other aspects to learning - this could be a class trip to see historical artefacts first hand, a sports event, residential trip or a club where children can take part in something they have an additional interest in.


Many of our activities involve the whole school whereas some are more suited to either individual classes or Key Stage.


Please take a look at our overview and if you are interested in offering a visit or a club then please do get in touch.

Enrichment overview (subject to change)

Topic overview 2020/21

Topic Overview 2019/20

Whole School overview by Year group and subject. Two year rolling programme.