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Primary School

Elm (R)

Welcome to Elm Class!


Welcome to Elm Class, your Class Teachers are Mrs Harrison and Miss Villar. We have three Teaching Assistants working with us, Mrs Gibbons, Miss Workman and Mrs Dowsett.


In our class we learn through play and exploration. Children will have a range of activities set up for them that they can explore throughout the day both inside and outside. There is lots of time to build relationships with our friends as we climb, build, create and talk together.  We practise our letters and sounds each day as we learn to read and write using the 'Read Write Inc' phonics programme.  We also explore numbers, counting and patterns each day, learning new things that we can then use in our play and activities.


Each day you need to bring a water bottle, a suitable coat and a bookbag to school. It is helpful for your child to have a spare change of clothes and a pair of wellington boots kept in school at all times. 

This Term's 'Topic Overview

Week Beginning 18th October


This week we have continued our learning about 'The Gingerbread Man'. We have been using our phonics knowledge to write speech bubbles as a class and individually for all the characters in the story. In maths we have been learning about number 3, finding different ways to make 3 using the 'Part Part Whole' model, for example 1 + 2 = 3. There is a Numberblocks episode call 'Fruit Salad' that we have enjoyed watching to support this model, do take a look via the link below.


We have been doing phonics assessments this week and revising the sounds we have learnt, please keep up the good phonics practise at home using your green books.

Week Beginning 11.10.21


This week we have been learning to retell the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'. We have made our own gingerbread men by following a recipe. In maths we are continuing with number 3, we have talked about numbers that are bigger and smaller. We have also been practising forming our numbers correctly, if you would like to practise this at home I have attached a PDF document that tells you the rhymes we use for each number.

On Nature Detectives we looked around to see the effect of changing seasons on the natrural world. We collected some leaves and talked about their colours. We picked up some natural objects to match it with the numbers 1, 2 or 3. 


Our phonics sounds this week are v, y, w, z, x.



Well done to Alfie who has received Gold Award this week for being a fantastic role model in Elm class and always trying his best. Well done!

Week Beginning 4.10.21


This week in Elm Class we have been talking about healthy foods. We looked at 3 different lunch boxes and talked about whether we thought they were healthy or not. In fact, we decided that none of them were healthy and to make a healthy meal we needed to choose something from each box. See if your child can talk to you about healthy foods and perhaps ask them to make some healthy choices with you at home. The children were very interested to find out about where food comes from and we have tied this in with talking about harvest. We have listened to The Little Red Hen story and found out about how wheat is made into flour and that this is used to make bread. The children really enjoyed exploring some bread dough We came up with some words to describe the dough such as squishy, smooth, soft and bubbly. We used our fine motor skills to knead the dough. 


In Maths we are learning about number 3! We have watched the Numberblocks episode about Numberblock 3 and learnt different ways to represent 3 as a quantity. We have also been practising writing a number 3 and some simple positional language of 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


This week's phonics sounds are e, l, h, r, j. Don't forget to practise these using your green speed sounds booklet.


Week Beginning 27.09.21


It has been another busy week in Elm Class. In connection with The Three Billy Goats Gruff story we have been exploring bridges and have tried to build our own. Each child was able to choose the materials they wanted to use and create a bridge over a river (strip of blue paper). I have been really impressed with some of the children's determination and perseverance to get pieces to balance and how they added detail to their designs. We have also been learning all about 2, seeing how 2 is made up of two ones, matching pairs togethers and how to write the number.

The sounds that we have learnt this week are c, k, u, b, f. See if you find them in your green phonics book. 

On Wednesday we enjoyed our first Nature Detectives. We all had lots of fun - see the photos below. 

Week Beginning 20.09.21


This week we have continued our storytelling journey of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff', the children have made their own story maps. We have also talked about the troll as a character and described our own trolls. In maths we have been learning about number 1, how to represent it and write it. Our phonics sessions have been going well and the children have been practising writing words using magnetic letters. Don't forget to practise the new sounds at home using your green phonics booklets.

This week's sounds are: i, n, p, g, o.

Week Beginning 13.09.21


This week in Elm Class we have been learning about the story of 'The 3 Billy Goats Gruff'. The children have learnt to retell the story using storytelling actions and have been joining in with the repeated refrains along the way. We enjoyed retelling the story using toy goats and a troll and sequencing the story using pictures.


In maths we have explored repeating patterns. We have been creating patterns using body actions, our snack fruit and numicon. We have started learning our sounds using the Read Write Inc. phonics programme. Look out for your child's phonics booklet coming home this week so you can practise these new sounds at home.

This week's phonics sounds are: m, a, s, t, d

Week beginning 06/09/21


This week in Elm Class we have been learning about family. We talked about how  families come in all different shapes and sizes but that each is very special. We shared photos of our families with the class and talked in detail about the people in the pictures. Then we drew our family. We have also been painting our own self portraits, we used mirrors to look at our facial features and used the correct colours.


In maths we have been looking at different ways of sorting objects and talking about them using the language of 'the same' and 'different'. We are doing lots of baseline assessments this week and we have been showing the adults what phonics and maths we already know.

About your Class Teachers


Hello! My name is Mrs Harrison and I am one of the teachers in Elm class. You will see me on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  I have been working at CPS for many years and love the school because there is a fantastic team spirit.  CPS is a really special place to work as I love the enthusiasm and energy of the children who come to our school. I have 3 children at home and a tabby cat called Pippin. I like going on long walks and getting outside as much as possible. I love visiting different places and getting to the seaside as often as I can!



Hello! My name is Miss Villar and I am one of the teachers in Elm class. You will see me on Mondays and Thursdays. I have been working at CPS for nearly 3 years and love the school because of the great community we make together. CPS is a great school and I love seeing you all having fun and coming to school with a smile.   

I live in Carterton with a host family because mine lives far away! They are in Spain, where I am from. I like going on long walks with my friends and exploring new places, especially the seaside. I love singing and dancing and practising sports like Zumba or yoga.

Collecting Your Child At The End Of The Day


To find our classroom please come into school and down the main driveway, turn right through the double gates, this will bring you to the playground, follow the playground round until you see our outside area. The gate to our outside area will be unlocked for you to come through and wait. A member of staff will open the door  and call your child to come out as they see you waiting.

Classroom pictures

Isolating at home?

If your child is needing to be at home due to Covid-19 please let us know. We will send you a Google Classroom assignment of activities you can do at home. If you need any print outs just let us know and you can pick them up from the office. Keep us posted on anything you need and you can be sure we will help keep your child busy!

Some good websites to use to support your child's learning. 

  • Phonics and Reading with Reading EggsSome parents have found this website brilliant in helping children develop their phonics and reading skills. The games are all tailored to your child's abilities and are such fun it doesn't feel like learning! They are offering a 30 day free trial so you might like to try it at home.

  • NumberblocksThese episodes are great starting points for exploring number and maths ideas

  • Oxford OwlFree online books for children and help for parents with phonics. Sign up for free