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Primary School

Hawthorn (Y6)

Welcome to Hawthorn Class


My name is Mr Webber and I am now in my second year at CPS. As well as being lucky enough to be the year 6 teacher I am also Maths subject lead and help oversee the development of Maths across the school. Outside of school I have a young son called Oliver who is just about to start Year 1 this year and a rather gorgeous pet Hamster called Eliza. My wife is also a teacher in secondary.


Other adults who you will be seeing this year are the wonderful  Mrs Watters. As I'm sure you already know Mrs Watters is amazingly supportive and we are very lucky to have her in Hawthorn this year.




In Hawthorn class the aim of all our learning is focused around making you, as learners, confident and independent. At the end of year 6 you will be learners who are confident and willing to try out new skills and ideas. The key to learning in year 6 particularly, is about developing a mindset that will allow you to take risks in the knowledge that if something goes wrong, then it's not anything to worry about, rather it is a brilliant opportunity to learn something and try again. You will never fail at anything if you don't give up on it. 


What to wear and bring to school

All students should come to school in school uniform and with a school bag. Students should pack a water bottle, hat and any pencil case/stationery that they may want to use. Please make sure all personal items are labelled with your child’s name. On PE days, we are asking children to come into school in PE kits rather than school uniform.


Termly timetable and homework

Your child will receive a timetable at the start of each term. This will also be sent out and put on the class web page. Homework will be slightly different this year and will be aimed at helping support the transition to secondary with a different pitch to the homework. A letter will follow on this within the first week.


End of the day

The school day ends at 3.05pm – if your child walks home a letter needs to filled in and sent in to school to let the school know that is okay for your child to walk home. Please note that permission for independent walking ends at the end of the academic year and new permission will be needed for the following year.



If you have any queries about the daily routine or what your child is learning then do not hesitate to get in touch. Please refer to our email addresses on the first page. We will always endeavour to reply to you as soon as possible, occasionally this may take longer than we would like but we will always aim to get back to you within 24 hours during the school week.




Bulletin 21.10.21

This week in Hawthorn we have completed our work on crime and punishment with a final study relating to Victorian Crime and Punishment. This was a really fascinating one as you can really see our modern day systems begin to take shape in this period.


In Maths we have been looking at the use of BIDMAS when exploring the order of operations. We have also looked at mental calculation strategies. In English we have completed our work on Third Floor Bedroom by Kate Dicamillo and created some absolutely wonderful letters which showed some really great control over tone and formality.


A big well done to Hawthorn this week for Bailey who absolutely smashed her work on orders of operation - Bailey started off shakily but really dug in and showed grit in mastering this sometimes tricky area of maths.


Bulletin 15.10.21

This week in Hawthorn we have continued with our work on medieval crime and punishment and explored how certain fictional 'criminals' would have been punished under medieval law.


In Maths we have been looking at prime, square and cube numbers in preparation for moving onto orders of operation and BIDMAS. In English we have continued with our work on Third Floor Bedroom by Kate Dicamillo and really looked deeply into characterisation through punctuation and tone.


A big well done to Hawthorn this week for Imogen who cleverly integrated a letter and poem into her short story. What a wonderfully creative way of fleshing out detail and characterisation.


Bulletin 24.9.21

This week in maths we have focused on efficient methods of addition and subtraction. We have also looked at how to use bar models to unpick the calculations required in a particular problem.


In English we have continued with our exploration 'The Arrival' by Saun Tan. This has taken the shape of a lot of top quality acting, script writing and exploration of literary techniques including active and passive voice. the subjunctive mood and varying clause structures.


In Science we have begun (safely!) experimenting with electrical circuits and looking at what effect varying voltages will have on circuits. 


In topic we have continued our work on Crime and Punishment and looked at the systems that were in place when Anglo-Saxons and Vikings were the dominant cultures in Britain.

Bulletin 17.921


This week we have focused in maths on:

- Rounding numbers up to 10,000,000

- Negative numbers in context.


The negative numbers in context was a definite highlight as the children searched the internet for different countries temperatures (both negative and positives) and then explored them in different ways.


In English we created some brilliant writing around our class text. The children did some wonderfully emotive letters back home and also looked at creating multi clause sentences with differing structures.


In our topic we continued looking at some fairly horrific crimes and punishments - this time in Ancient Rome. We also looked carefully at how these concepts still influenced us today.


For those who couldn't make the meeting this week here is a link to the powerpoint of what was discussed:


If you have any further questions please feel free to drop me an email.


Bulletin - 10.9.21


This week we have dived right in and begun our work on the book 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan. We have created some great pieces of writing from this so far and have really delved into character motivations within the story. The children have also really explored vocabulary involving emotion and movement - this has really enhanced all of the excellent writing.


In maths, we have moved rapidly through a recap of place value and explored rounding in differing contexts. The class have done superbly with this skill and have worked extremely hard.


In topic we have started our rather interesting topic of 'Crime and Punishment' across the ages. It's a bit gory at times but ultimately fascinating.




Welcome back to the new school year! I hope you had a brilliant break over the summer and had a chance to unwind a little.


We have a great term ahead of us with some brilliant learning to cover. I'm particularly excited by our English texts this term as they are just brilliant!


Each week I will put an update on this page as to what we have been doing and any other pertinent notices.


Should you wish your child to be released independently at the end of the school day (i.e. walk home alone) then please complete the letter on this page and send in with your child - you can print this and give permission at any point in the year - it doesn't have to be now but without it I can't release your child on their own. I will make sure paper copies are available in class should they be needed.


I will be arranging a 'Meet the teacher' session/s in the coming week or so in order for you to get the chance to ask any specific questions you may have.


Best wishes, 


Mr Webber

Walking Home Letter - Please print and return

Maths revision booklet to help you...