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Primary School

Oak (R)

Welcome to Oak Class!

Welcome to Oak Class, your Class Teachers are Mrs Taylor and Mrs Pugh. We have two Teaching Assistants working with us, Mrs Wild and Mrs Smith.


In our class we learn through play and exploration. Children will have a range of activities set up for them that they can explore throughout the day both inside and outside. There is lots of time to build relationships with our friends as we climb, build, create and talk together.  We practise our letters and sounds each day as we learn to read and write using the 'Read Write Inc' phonics programme.  We also explore numbers, counting and patterns each day, learning new things that we can then use in our play and activities.


Each day you need to bring a water bottle, a suitable coat and a bookbag to school. It is helpful for your child to have a spare change of clothes and a pair of wellington boots kept in school at all times. 


50 Things to do before you are 5!


50 Things To Do aims to provide inspiration for parents and carers to connect with children through a range of activities, all designed to have a positive impact on learning and health.


50 Things provides a local offer to families, guiding them to places to visit, and fun things to do on their doorstep. They'll be shown how to make best use of their local libraries, museums, parks and wild spaces - helping to promote community cohesion at the same time.

Presented and packaged through a mobile app means it is easy to get started and conveniently available whenever the moment arises for a new activity.

Welcome Meeting PowerPoint 2021-2022

Oak Class Timetable

Topic Overview Term 6

As Part of Armed Forces Week we had an assembly today about 'blueys' by Annabelle's Daddy

Week Beginning 20th June


This week we have been on a journey to Australia. We began the week looking on a globe to locate Australia, it's the other side of the world! We learnt that their seasons are the opposite of ours, imagine, Christmas in the Summer! We then watched a video about Australian animals and it showed us some cool facts about each one. Our favourite was the echidna!


Next we moved onto learning about the aboriginies, the first people to live in Australia. We watched a video showing us lots of stories they tell through pictures, dance and dot art. We had  a go at our own dot art paintings using cotton buds.


This week we did our Tales Toolkit storytelling in small groups. Each group chose a different Australian animal as their character and we made up stories about them. Then we made our own Tales Toolkit zigzag books.


We have read the story 'The Koala who Could'. Throughout the book we explored how it is normal to want to stay where you feel happy and comfortable but then we might miss out on fun things. Its a bit like moving to year 1, we like being in Oak/Elm class as we know it well but there will be lots of fun new things to do in Year 1. Please discuss this idea of transition with your child at home. In the coming weeks we will be making some visits to the KS1 classrooms.


In maths this week we have explored number order to 20 and 1 more/1 less. We have worked out missing numbers on number tracks and gave reasons as to how we know it's that number missing, e.g. 8 is missing because it comes after 7, it is 1 less than 9.


Well done to Annabelle for receiving Gold Award this week for always following all of our key RESPECT values.

Week Beginning 13th June


This week we have been on a journey to the continent of Africa! We began the week looking at a clip from 'The Lion King', we discussed where we thought it may be set and discussed what animals we could see. Then we looked at some fact files about African animals. Next we looked at some video clips about different parts of Africa e.g. the savannah, grasslands, rainforests, villages and cities. We discussed similarities and differences.


We read the story 'We all went on Safari', we looked at how the Maasai tribe are unique. We talked about the animals in the story. Our word birds then brought us some new vocabulary to add to our 'Wonderful Word Bird' displays. We looked at the words 'grazing', 'fading', 'mischievous' and 'ancient', discussed their meaning and found some pictures to match. 


We have been embracing our differences this week and discussing how we should be respectful of each other's differences. This linked with our Cojo value this week, respect. We shared ideas about what we should do if you heard someone being unkind about peoples' differences.


In maths we have been working on number bonds. We have been playing games of 'bunny ears' finding way of making 5,6, 7 and 8. I wonder if you can play this at home? We have been using numicon, tens frames and Numberblocks to find ways of making 10. There is a link below to the Numberblock episode 'Blast Off'.


Well done to Annabelle for receiving Gold Award this week for using all our key RESPECT values.

Week Beginning 6th June


This week we began our new topic, 'Big Wide World'. We read a story called 'Around the World with Max and Lemon'. We discussed the different places they visited in the story and talked about where we would like to visit and wrote about it. We looked at a globe and saw the oceans, countries and continents. We are learning a song to help us remember the continents, see the link below to practise at home.


Our new author of the term is Atinuke. She is from Nigeria, we looked at some photos of her and read some information about her country. We then enjoyed sharing 'Double Trouble for Anna Hibiscus'.


In PSED this week we learnt about self - awareness. We discussed how we have our own personal power inside ourselves to make the right choices in life to make those around us happy. We discussed how we could make the right choices in school. In Nature Detectives we made our own personal power wands to give us the super power of self - awareness.


In Maths this week we learnt about Odd and Even Numbers, we watched a Numberblocks episode, you can watch this following the link below. We then looked at the Numberblocks and numicon pieces to see patterns in odd and even numbers. We learnt that odd numbers always have 1 piece sticking out the top, one that doesn't have a partner, whereas even numbers have an "even top".

Week Beginning 23rd May


This week we have been learning about toys from the past and linking this in with our Jubilee preparations. We discussed who the Queen is and looked at photos of her now and pictures of her in the past as a child. We looked at how she has changed over the last 70 years and talked about why we are celebrating the platinum jubilee. We had a look at pictures of the toys the Queen may have played with as a child and compared them to toys we play with now. We had a museum box of old toys to explore this week, we discussed if we would like to play with them now, what they are made of and compared them to modern plastic toys. We were all very excited on Wednesday as we got to bring our favourite toys into school for a show and tell session. We took it in turns to tell our friends about our toys and talked about how they were different to the old toys in the museum box. We then did some writing about our favourite toy.


In maths this week we have been looking at sharing and halving. We learnt that halving is the opposite of doubling and explored halving numbers using towers of cubes. We then shared orange segments between 2 children and discussed what was fair and what was not. Later in the week we had a go at sharing some cookies fairly between 3 or more children.


Week Beginning 16th May


This week we had our medieval banquet. We made shields and flags to decorate the hall. Our parents came in to watch us do a dance and tell our story 'The King and the Cockerel'. After this we all shared food and had our very own feast! We have talked about castle life this week, discussing what we would like and dislike about living in a castle.


We read the story 'The Princess and the Wizard' by our author of the term, Julia Donaldson. we then discussed in partners what we might do to escape the wizard, we drew our ideas and wrote about them.


We celebrated National Numeracy Day on Thursday, we watched a Numberblocks episode called 'Stampoline' and explored different ways of making 5 using 5 multilink cubes, we drew round the different shapes we made.


In PSED this week we learnt about the CoJo character Eddy Empathy. We learnt about the word 'empathy' and gave ideas about how we could show empathy in school. We decided that it's important to consider how our friends are feeling too. At Nature Detectives this week we learnt about why bees are important and what we can do to look after them. We made a bee drinking station, some bee pictures and enjoyed some yummy honey sandwiches.


Well Done to Daniel for receiving Gold Award this week for having a go at everything with a positive attitude, including our banquet dancing and storytelling. 

Medieval Banquet

Week Beginning 9th May


This week we have been doing some storytelling. We are learning the tale of 'The King and the Cockerel'. We have learnt some actions to help us retell it and have also been using story maps. We looked carefully at the vocabulary in the story and discussed some of the trickier words, e.g. feast, finest, drown, fair. We have also been looking at a knight's armour, we learnt about all the different parts that make up their armour and discussed how heavy it must have been being made of metal. We have had a go at making some shields and designed our own coats of arms to put on them. We looked at a castle and discussed similarities and differences between them and the home we live in now and watched a video of the trebuchet firing at Warwick Castle.


In maths this week we have be learning subtracting through first, then and now stories. We made a bus and used it to subtract as children got off the bus, e.g. First there were 10 children, then 2 got off the bus to go to the shop, now there are 8. We used tens frames and the story 'Ten in a Bed' to subtract the teddies as they fell off the bed. Some of us have begun recoding these subtraction stories on whiteboards.


In handwriting this week we have been practising our zigzag letters. We read the story 'Charlie Cook's Favourite Book' by our author of the term, Julia Donaldson.


Well done to Cefin-Rhys for receiving Gold Award this week for demonstrating passion for learning with his positive attitude to everything he does.

Our First Day in Oak Class 2.9.21

About your Class Teachers


Hello, my name is Mrs Taylor and I teach in Oak Class.  I joined CPS this year and am really enjoying working with all the children! Prior to working at CPS I taught for 13 years at a Primary school in Oxford. I have two young children, both boys, 2 and 5. My 5 year old is also in Reception. I have 1 ginger Persian cat and a rabbit, who used to live at my previous school in my classroom! I love to sing and will make up songs and rhymes about anything. As a family we love exploring the outdoors and finding new walks in our local area.


Collecting Your Child At The End Of The Day


To find our classroom please come into school and down the main driveway, turn right through the double gates, this will bring you to the playground, follow the playground round until you see our outside area. The gate to our outside area will be unlocked for you to come through and wait. A member of staff will open the door  and call your child to come out as they see you waiting.

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