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At Carterton Primary School we use the 'Letters and Sounds' principles of teaching high quality phonics.


Letters and sounds is split into six phases which are taught throughout the early years and KS1.  The structure of teaching within CPS looks like this:


  • Phase 1 - taught in Nursery
  • Phase 2 and 3 - taught in Reception
  • Phase 4 and 5 - taught in Year 1 (Phonics Screening undertaken at the end of this year)
  • Phase 6 - taught in year 2


Phonics is taught systematically and children working from phase 2 onward have a structured phonics session each morning which is split into four sections; review, teach, practice and apply.  These sessions are short and snappy making them highly engaging for learners.  Below is a breakdown of each section.


  • Review - the review section lasts around 3 minutes and is a chance for learners to consolidate previous learning and quickly go through phonemes and graphemes previously learnt.  This may be done through just showing the sound as a stand alone sound or by holding up words containing previously learnt sounds.
  • Teach - another short section of around 5 minutes where the learners are introduced to a new sound.  The teacher will introduce the sound using lots of different techniques including short rhymes and songs, air writing, writing on whiteboards and working with talking partners.
  • Practice - this is the longest part of the session (around 8 minutes) and is a chance for the learners to use what they have just learnt in a series of different activities.  This section will include games and table top activities for learners to access.
  • Apply - the final short section to the lesson (around 4 minutes) which looks at applying the information learnt in the previous parts of the lesson.  This part usually involves a reading or a writing task with a focus on sentences including the words that use the taught sound.