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Primary School

Pine (Y2)

Weekly Update 24/06/22

This week we started our next Learning Journey and have enjoyed reading the book, Nini at Carnival. The children have enjoyed imagining they are at a carnival. In Maths we have been weighing objects and comparing weights. On Friday we had a great time for Camo Day. The children looked great all dressed up. We had a visitor from the RAF who told us all about his job, we wrote blueys and enjoyed completing some team games using the Cojos equipment. Take a look at some of the pictures from the day!


Weekly Update 17/06/22

This week we have enjoyed finding out all about Oliver Jeffers, he is our Author of the term and the children loved finding out lots of fun facts about him. Ask your child if they can tell you any! As a class one of our favourite books written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers is ‘Stuck'. We wrote a book review about the book. In Science this week we have been continuing to look at different habitats and we explored the Rainforest this week. We found out about the different layers of the Rainforest and which animals you may find there. Well done Wiktor for getting the Gold award this week and for Jessica getting Reader of the Week! 


Weekly Update 10/06/22

It has been a lovely first week back and the children have been working really hard. We have written a letter to the Queen to ask if she enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations. We found out about the ravens of the Tower of London and we wrote a non-chronological report all about them. In Maths we started the week thinking about money and making the same total but using various coins. We then moved onto 2D and 3D shapes, we made comparisons and thought about their properties. During Science we looked at the seaside habitat and wrote a diary imagining what animals and plants we may see on a trip to the seaside. 


Weekly Update 27/05/22

What a fantastic week it has been. Our trip to Blenheim was a particular highlight! We all got the chance to have a look around the Palace which was absolutely beautiful, we looked around the Churchill exhibition, the stables exhibition and enjoyed a walk in the formal gardens. We found out lots of information about the Palace – see if your child can remember any! Take a look at some of the pictures from the day.  The Jubilee picnic was a great way to end the term and the children looked fab in their hats and crowns! Have a great break and we will see you ready for Term 6!

Weekly Update 20/05/22

In Pine Class this week we have been working hard to make sure we are confident with the most suitable method for working out arithmetic and reasoning style questions. The children are becoming confident with the four calculations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In Science we went looking for minibeasts and completed a survey to gather information about what we saw. See if your child can tell you what they spotted! During English this week we have enjoyed reading books by our author of the term – Shirley Hughes. We read and wrote book reviews for Dogger and The Big Concreate Lorry.


Weekly Update 13/05/22

This week we have enjoyed writing our newspaper reports in English. The children have worked really hard to create a catchy headline, explain the story and include speech within their reports. Ask your child what the Queen had to say about the missing knickers!  We had a great time in Science this week, we went hunting for local habitats, we had a good look in the pond areas and enjoyed time exploring the woodland area at nature detectives. We drew maps of the habitats and included pictures with labels of the plants and bugs we spotted. In Art we looked at the primary and secondary colours and the children loved creating a colour wheel and talking about how to make various colours.


Weekly Update 06/05/22

We ended the week with a brilliant assembly all about the circus. We loved watching the man show us lots of brilliant skills. He showed us juggling, balancing plates, diabolo and much more. This week we have continued learning to tell the time. We thought about how we can measure time in different ways, comparing hours and minutes and working out durations of time. We have started our new topic in Science and focused on living things – see if your child can tell you all about MRS GREN. We then compared various objects and grouped them into three groups: alive, once alive and never alive.


Weekly Update 29/04/22

Welcome back everyone. It has been a busy first week back and ended with our brilliant trip to CCC to play cricket. The children were absolutely great and behaved fantastically. It was great to finally get out and about. Ask your child which bit they enjoyed best. In Maths this week we have been telling the time. We have focused on o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. In English we started our new learning journey and we have had great fun so far. We have become detectives to try and find out who stole the Queen’s knickers! We went on a vocabulary hunt and used clues to pieces together the story. The children are looking forward to writing their own newspaper reports over the next couple of weeks!


Weekly Update 07/04/22

We have had a lovely final week of Term 4. We have been busy in English focusing on various areas of punctuation and grammar. We have looked at using the suffix ‘ful’ and ‘less’ and what we need to do if the root word ends in ‘y’, we have been comparing past and present tense words and we have been looking at when we need to use an apostrophe to show possession. In Maths we finished our unit on fractions. We were focusing on finding a third of shapes and numbers, comparing unit fractions such a half, quarter and a third and we went on to look at non-unit fractions and thinking about the equivalence of half and 2 quarters.  We enjoyed sharing our 50 Point Projects in the class gallery – well done everyone that completed theirs. Thank you to everyone that joined us for parents evening this week – it was great to see you all. Have a wonderful Easter break!  


Weekly Update 01/04/22

This week in Pine Class we have been busy learning about fractions. We have been finding a half, quarter and a third of a shape and number. See if your child can tell you what a numerator and denominator is. We have come to the end of our English learning journey this week and the children have written some amazing Spring poems. They have worked hard and enjoyed getting creative with the language they use. In PE this week the children have been practicing their throwing and catching skills. They also had a go at trying different types of jumps such as tuck, straddle and jumping while making quarter, half, three quarter and whole turns. During RE this week the children retold the story of Palm Sunday. We pretended to be one of the disciples and thought about why this story is important to Christians.



Weekly Update 25/03/22

What a beautiful week it has been, it has been great to see the children enjoying the sunshine. This week we have been enjoying poems written by Shirley Hughes that have been all about Spring. We thought about what we like best about each poem and why. We were looking at the amazing pictures in the book and wrote expanded noun phrases to match what we could see. 


In DT we have been thinking about creating our Teddy Bear's Picnic and we were exploring foods. We grouped the foods in different ways: food we should eat a lot of, food we should eat sometimes and food we should only eat a little bit of.  


In Science we completed our seed diaries and made note of any changes. Lots of the plants have a small sprout now. We then planned our experiment for next week. We are going to be looking at what conditions do plants need for germination to happen.


Have a great weekend. 


Weekly Update 18/03/22

This week has been slightly different to how we had planned it and we were all disappointed that we didn’t get to go out on our trip. We still had a very busy week. In English we have been writing our own narratives using the book The Tiger Who Came to Tea. The children were asked to change the animals to either a monkey, lion or bear and they came up with brilliant ideas of what the animals may get up to during the visit. Ask your child to tell you all about their story. In Science this week we were thinking about seed dispersal. We found out about the various ways this can happen. We looked at wind, water, other animals, exploding and catching a lift! We selected our class house captains this week. We are going to be having a different captain every term and those that are picked will be children that always follow the school rules and work towards the key values of CPS.

This term we have selected:

Jessica for Chinook

Katie for Protector

Kayla for Spitfire  


Have a great weekend.


Weekly Update 11/03/22

This week in Maths we continued to focus on multiplication and division. We solved problems by either grouping numbers or sharing them. The children are becoming more confident at applying their 2, 5 and 10s times table to answer questions. During English we spent time finding it about contractions and what the apostrophe is used for. See if your child can explain when we can use contractions and if they can give any examples. For example, do not becomes don’t. We planted our seeds this week and we are going to be keeping a diary to look at how well they are growing and any changes we notice. In PSHE we were thinking about the human body and naming the different parts of the body using scientific language. 


Weekly Update: 04/03/2022

It has been another fun week in Pine Class. We absolutely loved seeing lots of you back at school on Wednesday evening for books at bedtime, we listened to stories read by Mrs Lewis and enjoyed chocolate milk and biscuits. On Thursday for World Book Day it was great seeing all the wonderful outfits – well done to Lilia and Darcy for winning a prize in assembly for your costumes! We had the chance to go to another classroom to listen to a story and Pine Class enjoyed listening to a story read by Miss Jones.  This week we have started our new topic in Science, all about plants. We have started to think about what a plant needs to be able to grow. We looked at the equipment we need to be able to plant our own seeds and considered the best conditions to make sure the plant is healthy. Each term we will be looking at a new author and this term we are focusing on stories by Lynley Dodd. If you have any book by this author please feel free to bring them into school for us to share.


Weekly Update: 18/02/2022

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all managed to get onto the classroom today to be able to complete our online learning. What a different end of term to usual. As we are not in school today we have not been able to show off our 50 point projects in our gallery as we usually would, we will do this during the first week back.  This week we have spent time thinking about reading and developing our comprehension skills. We have been looking at the Pawsome Gang. The Pawsome gang are 5 dogs that have different skills to help us understand the text. The skills include, retrieval, sequencing, vocabulary, inference and predicting which is what you have completed today. See if your child can remember the names of the dogs and the skills!


In Art this week we were printing using natural objects, we used various fruit and vegetables to create patterns and experiment with colours. We also made collages using leaves, sticks and feathers. We completed our topic in Computing by having the chance to use all the methods we have learnt over the term to make music on the Chrome books.


Have a restful break, see you next term.


Weekly Update: 11/02/2022

What a busy week in Pine class! We finished our English unit by creating our own Non-Chronological Reports all about owls. The children have worked extremely hard and are very proud of the outcome. They have included a title, subheadings, information, pictures with labels and fun facts. We have absolutely loved getting stuck into calculations this week, we have spent time subtracting 2-digits numbers from 2-digit numbers, finding out how to make exchanges and adding multiplies of 10.


In PE this week the children have been playing team games. They have played pirate ships which involves collecting treasure but avoiding the guard. They have worked on their throwing skills and focused on trying to get the ball through a hoop.

For Commando Joe’s this week we have focused on Samuel Pepys. It was great to go back and remind ourselves of our previous learning about The Great Fire of London. Our missions included working as a team to save valuable objects before the time ran out and successfully transporting water across the city to put out the fire. Have a great weekend.


Weekly Update: 03/02/2022

It has been yet another busy week that has whizzed by .This week has been our final week working on shape. We focused on 3D shapes and looked at the faces, edges and number of vertices they have. See if your child can name any 2D/3D shapes and talk about their properties. In Science we started to think about how humans can stay healthy. We were focusing on exercise and talking about how this is beneficial to us. We compared different exercises/tasks and separated them into those that would get our heart racing and those that wouldn't. In PSHE we continued to think about jobs, last week we were seeing how many different types of jobs we could name and what those jobs involved. This week we started to think about what the children would like to do when they grow up, they have some truly wonderful ideas and aims in life. Ask your child about their hopes for their future.


Well done to Archie for getting the Gold Award this week!

Have a great weekend.  


Weekly Update: 28/01/2022

This week in Pine Class we have loved starting our new book - Seasons Come, Seasons Go. We have started to explore the seasons, sorting statements into fact or fiction and we have enjoyed looking at new vocabulary such as: tawny, talons, feathered and nocturnal. In PSHE, we have been thinking about the different jobs that people do and what the job involves. We have been really enjoying our computing sessions with Mrs Woodham-Davies. This week we have been using the computers to explore how music can be used in different ways, how it can express emotion and what triggers their imagination. The children had the chance to experiment with pitch and the duration of notes.


Well done to Masie for getting Pine Class Gold Award this week. 


Weekly Update: 21/01/2022

This week we have been busy finishing our English unit. We have worked hard to complete an information page all about the snowflake machine. We have written labels, captions and an explanation to explain what the machine does. Ask your child to tell you all about their machine! In Maths this week we have been comparing 2D and 3D shapes, we used straws and nets to see if we could make our own 3D shapes. We have been counting the sides and vertices on 2D shapes. It has been great to see the children’s pictures from when they were younger, so cute! We enjoyed learning about the lifecycle of humans and discussing how we change over time. In PSHE we have been thinking about Rule of Law which is our value of the term. We thought of lots of reasons why rules are important. Have a wonderful weekend.


Weekly Update: 14/01/2022

We have absolutely loved starting our new PE sessions with the sports coach this week. It has been great to see the children really excited and keen for PE, they have all got stuck in and worked hard. We enjoyed learning some Spanish this week, we started to count in Spanish. I wonder if anyone can remember how to count to 5? We have continued to explore our new text, The Snowflake Mistake . We have been thinking about various machines and the sounds they may make in preparation for when we design our own machine next week. In Maths we have been working on statistics and have focused on pictograms, the children gathered information using a tally chart and then used the information to create their own pictograms. See if your child can talk to you about why having a Key is important when using pictograms. This week in Science we explored and compared the life cycle of a sheep and a frog, it was interesting to discuss the differences. Have a great weekend. 



Welcome Meeting Pine Class

Welcome to Pine Class!


A huge welcome to Pine Class!


Hello everyone, I am Mrs Dunn and I teach in Pine Class on a Wednesday afternoon, a Thursday and a Friday. This is my 6th year working at CPS, I have loved meeting all the wonderful children and helping them learn during this time. I live with my husband and my daughter Penny. We love spending our time going for days out.


Hello, I'm Mrs Lewis and I teach Pine Class on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. I've worked at Carterton Primary School for many happy years and I've taught lots of wonderful children. I live with my husband, my daughter, our dog, Buddy and our house rabbit, Twinkle.


 To find our classroom please come into the school by the small pedestrian gate  to the left of the driveway and line up on the path. A member of staff will meet you at the bottom gate and the children will walk into their class.


Our day starts at 8:40am and finishes at 3:10pm. We have lunch between 12:00am and 1:00pm


PE Days are: Wednesday and Thursday 


This Term’s Topic is:  Carnival City




Mrs Dunn and Mrs Lewis

Termly Overview

Pine Class Timetable

End of Year 2 Expectations

Below you will find a list of words that Year 2 children are expected to be able to read and write by the end of Year 2.