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Carterton Primary School

Carterton Primary aims to provide a lifelong love of learning.
Providing a happy and secure environment for learning and growing in confidence.
Sharing a community that promotes success for everyone.


Parent and Teacher Association

Registered Charity No. 1060792


Welcome to the PTA page – the PTA plays an important part in raising funds for the school.  We help arrange events and all monies raised go directly back into equipment or extra treats for our children. 


Last academic year we raised:


  • School lottery - £637.00
  • Halloween disco - £163.60
  • Christmas raffle - £572.46
  • Anonymous donation - £50.00
  • Valentines Disco - £399.00


Which help to fund:


  • A new cooker for breakfast club - £287.93
  • Four new whiteboards for classrooms - £390.48
  • Donation towards Chromebooks - £2,000.00
  • Coach for the Young Voices - £250.00
  • Christmas books - £300.00
  • Christmas activity pack for Christmas dinner - £280.80
  • Refreshments a various events - £36.85
  • Leavers hoodies - £106.50


The school lottery helps to raise a lot of money, along with the clothes skip at the school entrance.



Everyone is welcome on the PTA, your support is vital to the smooth running of the PTA.  Please support us by joining the committee, volunteering to help at events (even for an hour or so) or simply by attending our fundraising events.


We are grateful for all the support received so far and to those who have donated cakes, bottles and prizes for our various stalls.


Meet the PTA


Chair:                               Tracey Cameron

Treasurer:                        Hannah Chatfield

Secretary:                        Lisa Hutton

Publicity Officer:             Vacant

Activities Coordinator:     Vacant

Staff Representative:      Sandie Watters, Emma Wells and Julie Kerry

Meetings for 2020


We are currently working virtually as required.


Ongoing Fundraising...