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Carterton Primary aims to provide a lifelong love of learning.
Providing a happy and secure environment for learning and growing in confidence.
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Safeguarding during COVID-19

In light of the partial closure of the school site we have added an addendum to our child safety and protection policy which can be found below.


We remain committed to safeguarding children through this difficult period of school closure.  If you have any concerns or queries please contact:

Rachel Claridge, Designated Safeguarding Lead  - rcla5373@carterton-pri.oxon.sch.uk


Deputy Designated Safeguarding leads:

Emma Wells - ewel9190@gcarterton-pri.oxon.sch.uk

Ashley Young  - ayou912@carterton-pri.oxon.sch.uk.


We have two dedicated safeguarding contact numbers:

07942 613562

07837 375658

These numbers are available 24 hours a day if you have any safeguarding concerns.


For immediate safeguarding concerns you can contact Mash on 0345 050 7666


Children can access childline - information on the link below for support and help.




We also recognise that during this crisis, there may be a significant impact on the mental health of children and families.  The link below is for Mind who have worked in connection with the Department of Education to support you.



Online Safety advice for parents and carers during Covid 19

Many families will be encouraging their children to make good use of technology as there are no opportunities to see their classmates “in real life”.  Technology can help us all stay in touch safely but parents and carers will want to make sure that their children are as safe as possible.


Parental Controls

Almost all devices allow parental controls to be set.  These can be adjusted depending on the ages of the children.  They can :-

  • Stop children putting new apps on a device until the parents approve them
  • Reduce the chance of a child accidentally spending money on virtual goods
  • Limit the time that children use a device without having a break

A good starting point is the internet matters website https://www.internetmatters.org/ , go to the SETTING CONTROLS section at the top!



Probably the best thing you can do to help your son or daughter is to talk to them regularly about how they use technology, which apps and sites they use and who their online friends are.  Some children struggle with online relationships perhaps either sending or receiving hurtful messages.  Parents and carers will be able to help guide youngsters through this difficult area.  If children receive unpleasant messages these can  usually be reported and each app or site will have a different way of doing this.



Online Safety

We are aware that the home learning being set requires the children to use technology and the internet.  Below is some guidance for parents on how to further keep children safe whilst online and how to support ICT based learning.





Child Safety Amended Policy