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Service Families

Army Families Federation 'Excellence for Service Children Award' Winners 2015

Support for Service children and their families

Our dedicated Service Families Key Worker is Tess Brooker who is here to assist our current or future families with any questions they might have. Currently 30% of our pupils are from a Service Family. In 2015 (the last time it was awarded) we won the Army Families Federation 'Excellence for Forces Children' Award, after being runners up in 2014. This award is given in recognition of the excellent way the school supports service children.


The main role of the Service Families Key Worker is to provide support to pupils and families in periods of transition (moving into and out of Carterton Primary School) and deployment.


1-1 support is provided for all of our new service children, this takes place out of the classroom and is designed to help the child gain confidence by getting to know our school, sharing information about themselves and chatting through their thoughts and worries about moving to a new school. If a child has to leave us to move on to a school in a different area 1-1 support is also given. Together we find out as much information as possible about the new school and area, memory photographs are taken and transition information is collated to pass onto the new class teacher.


We run a Keeping in Touch club to support those children who have a family member away from home - this could be due to deployment, detachment or training. Activities include sending letters, e mails &  blueys, creating artwork and using resources provided by Service charities to allow children to share their thoughts and feelings. For our youngest children this is provided as 1-1 support within their classroom setting.


In addition we keep up to date with all of the Community Support organisations based at RAF Brize Norton and provide parents with relevant information.


If you would like to visit our school please contact the school office.


If you would like to let the Service Families Support Worker know about a deployment or posting or if you would like to make an appointment with her please e mail tbro3456@carterton-pri.oxon.sch.uk 

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