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Summer Provision - Home Learning 2020

Summer Term Learning Provision


From June 1st, CPS welcomed back a greater number of children back into school following the guidance from Government and extensive planning within school.


However, we still have a significant number of children who continue to work from home at this time.


CPS recognises the importance of continuing to provide relevant learning opportunities for those at home.


To meet this we have been using Google Classroom to set work for children to access and supporting those with limited access to Google Classroom from home by providing paper copies of the work undertaken in school.


Teachers are providing a weekly video at the start of the week to outline activities for the week as well as 'checking in' and sharing a familiar face.


As we move through Term 6 there is much to be done - children and teachers are all going to working on transition  - whether that is from EYFS to Key Stage 1, Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 and of course supporting our Year 6 who leave us in July to begin their new adventures at secondary schools.


Teachers are now hosting weekly Google Meets to allow children to interact and have 'virtual' contact with their teachers and class friends. These Google Meets are managed and controlled by CPS staff in such a manner that children will only be able to access specific Google Meet sessions. They may be held as a whole class group or as smaller groups as the class requires.