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Primary School

Sycamore (Y5)

Weekly bulletin (w/c 10/1/22)


This week has been a really busy first 'full' week! In maths we have been developing efficient methods of multiplying upto 4 digits by 2 digit numbers - we have taken steps each day to polish and refine the methods we are using to help us to secure the understanding.


In English, we have continued to work on The Wonder Garden and have explored the use of relative clauses to add additional information linked to the subject of the sentence and we also investigated how structure and language can affect the reader.


We also welcomed our PE coaches and the children seem to have had a really positive experience with them.

In PSHE/RSE we began an 11 week topic on 'Choices' which will focus on a character (Marcus) and choices he makes and the impact it has to help children understand how to react and make sensible decisions as they go through the next phase of their development.

Weekly Bulletin (w/c 3rd January 2022)


Welcome back to you all - I hope you had a great break over the festive period and it's lovely to see everyone back and seemingly refreshed.....


In maths this week we began a block of learning on multiplication refreshing some learning and establishing effective methods calculation before extending the complexity of the numbers next week. In english we began linking our english learning to 'The Wonder Garden' - about environments around the world which links to our geography topic this term. We focused closely on a section of an image and used the phrase 'Tell me more' to dig deeper into the description of texture, colour, movement etc.


Next week, as I have sent out via Parent Hub, we have PE coaches working with us on Thursday morning, and Friday afternoon so PE kits at the ready please - be prepared to be outside in inclement weather with appropriate clothing.

Weekly bulletin (W/C 6.12.21)


Congratulations to all in Sycamore for their hard work, support for one another and the resilience they have shown over the last week with absence, illness and having to contend with me returning to the classroom!


In english we have rounded off our unit based on the animation 'The Piano'. Children planned a story that retold distant memories and showed how settings, characters and situations change over time.


In maths we have worked on calculating the area of shapes - from the initial steps of being able to count squares in a shape, to using basic formulae to calculate (L x W = A) to the work on finding the area of composite shapes by splitting them into simple rectilinear shapes first.


With only a handful of days until we finish the term, I selected the whole of Sycamore to be gold winners this week - largely to congratulate for the stellar work done since September, but mainly for the brilliance they have shown over the last couple of weeks dealing with illness and changing days in the classroom - well done all, it is most appreciated and rewarding to see.


Weekly bulletin (w/c/ 29.11.21)


What a fantastic job done all round by those in Sycamore this week - many thanks to Mrs Smith and Mrs Beale for being in class whilst I have been at home. Well done to all the children both in and out of school too for the work they have done and the patience they have shown - it really does show what a credit to you they are - thanks!


In maths this week the children have been learning about perimeter of simple and more complex shapes. They worked on problem solving questions to apply the skills learnt in class. In English we started work on the emotional short clip 'The Piano' - a short animated clip which always prompts great discussion and intrigue on behalf of the children - they have looked into creating mood and emotion in a controlled manner and will be moving on to planning and writing sections of the text.


Well done to Leah E this week for being our gold winner this week - some great diary work based on Rose Blanche last week. 

Weekly bulletin (w/c/22.11.21)


Well done to Sycamore for another excellent week - they really are rising to the challenges set each day! It is great to see the efforts and determination across the class!


This week in maths we worked on dividing by 10, 100 & 1000 including some decimals. We also worked on multiplying using multiples of 10, 100 and 1000. For example, 22x400 becomes 22 x 4 x 100 which is a great way to make seemingly tricky calculations more manageable. 

In English, we wrote a letter of complaint from the perspective of Rose Blanche - the lead character in the text we have studied. The children deployed formal language and letter structure effectively to convey the points the wanted to get across.


We were also lucky to receive Mr Johnson - our Chair of Governors on Monday afternoon. He spoke with Year 6 about the Rule Of Law, discussing how laws are made and the complexities of prosecution! The children really benefitted from his real world knowledge - from the perspective of a legal professional. It was great to see the children add this to the work we completed from a historical perspective in Term 1 and we thank him for his time.


Well done to Lily, our Gold winner this week. She is working really hard to become more resilient and brave in lessons and this is beginning to pay off for her! Keep going Lily!

Welcome to Sycamore Class.


I am Mr Young, and I have been working at CPS for almost 7 years. I enjoy being part of the CPS team and being able to share the journey of making the school better alongside staff and children.


I don't have children but I do have a mischievous and adventurous bear, named Harumphrey. We have travelled the world together and had all sorts of adventures! Sometimes he pops into school to help us with our learning although at times he can be more of a hindrance than a help!


In my spare time I love cycling (not very fast, but increasingly far!) and I am out and about as often as I can be - even in the snow - which is my favourite weather!


Learning in Sycamore is a two way relationship - I expect you to take part and share your ideas and thoughts with the rest of the class as this helps to broaden your own thoughts, opinions and develop long term knowledge. I'm also keen to develop you as a whole person - learning how to become resilient, flexible, empathetic and respectful - skills to take through our whole lives!


What to wear and bring to school:

All students should come to school in school uniform and with a school bag. Students should pack a water bottle, hat and any pencil case/stationery that they may want to use. Please make sure all personal items are labelled with your child’s name. On PE days, (Tuesday & Thursday) children should come into school in PE kits rather than school uniform. These days will be communicated to parents and any alterations (due weather for example) will be sent in a message to you.


Termly timetable and homework

Your child will receive a timetable at the start of each term. This will also be sent out and put on the class web page. Homework will be primarily set via Google classroom each term – where possible submission should also be on Google classroom (unless something more tactile like a model/cooking etc). As with previous years the homework will be based on the 100 point challenge. If at any point you would like extra support work for your child please contact me and I can provide appropriate support.


End of the day

The school day ends at 3.05pm (currently under staggered end times) – if you would like to grant permission for your child to walk home independently at the end of the day then please print a copy of the letter below and send into me.

This permission remains open - you may sign up at any point or withdraw permission should you need to. Just keep me updated.


Please note that permission for independent walking ends at the end of the academic year and new permission will be needed for the following year.



If you have any queries about the daily routine or what your child is learning then do not hesitate to get in touch. I will always endeavour to reply to you as soon as possible, occasionally this may take longer than I would like but I always aim to get back to you within 24 hours during the school week.



Mr Young

Please print and return for permission to be granted.

Classroom pictures


Reading holds the key to learning in almost every other subject and learning opportunity - it is difficult to access a History topic without developing reading skills as an example.


We expect each child to read beyond school hours.We suggest 5 separate occasions each week. We suggest each night from Monday to Thursday and then an additional session between Friday and Sunday - they may read more of course! This should be a mix of independent reading and reading aloud to someone. It should be recorded in their reading record each time they read outside of school. It is no coincidence those that read regularly see the biggest improvements in writing also.


Each child has a reading diary to record their reading experiences and these are being checked on a weekly basis.


Please also be aware of the value of reading the right text - whilst I understand that certain texts by certain authors are a nice 'Sunday afternoon' read, there is such a wealth of knowledge to be gained by varying the author, text type and genre of book we read - new vocabulary, punctuation use, grammar development and inference all come from a range of text rather than simply reading the 'cartoon' type books.