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Carterton Primary School

Caring, Proud and Successful

Term 5 Week 2

Ash Class' Super Spiders Home Learning

Favourite stories
Super writing skills
Using ICT
Fine motor skills
Creative craft
Money maths
Muddy puddle splashing
Number matching
More spiders!
Creating cards
Potato printing
Helping Dad
Helping Dad
Beautiful painting
Yoga moves
Ordering numbers

Lovely home learning from Oak Class

Making patterns with house tools.
Drawing and labelling a castle.
Building a castle.

Lovely home learning from Elm Class.

Building a castle.
Veggie man
Drawing and labelling a castle.

Brilliant Beech Class

Finding different materials around the home.
Annabelle has been working hard on Maths.
Ipad time
Sorting hard and soft materials
Sleepover downstairs
Joe Wicks PE time
Time for a walk
Out in the sunshine
Pooh Sticks
Sorting Material
Working hard
Hard at work
A few friends to help with work
Reading time
Busy, busy, busy!
Working hard
Getting all my home learning done
Time for science
Writing my common exception words
Super Science
Busy working on my tricky words
Working hard on my spellings
VE Day bunting
Marvellous Maths
Busy at work
Science: sorting materials
Time for maths
Super star home learning
Chicks hatching
So fluffy
How cute!
Tricky words
Super phonics
Working hard
Practising my tricky words
Making chocolate Easter nest cakes
Practical maths
Nature walk
Time for science
Sorting materials
Model house

Wonderful Willow Class Home Learning

Angel's sorting materials
Erin's super science
Tyler's great writing
Noah sorting marbles into equal groups
Using technology to access our learning
Super Science sorting!
How do you think Angel has sorted these groups?
Wonderful writing
Recording for Science
Practise makes perfect
Learning to write and spell common words
Smiling AND phonics :)
Hop hop hop...
A fabulous book trail
Marvellous maths
Learning to read and write tricky words
It's all about grouping this week.
Sorting materials
Super Science
More than 2 groups, well sorted Sophie!
Laying out groups
Fabulous hands on maths learning
Maths and smiles :)
Hunt and colour
Matching words
More magnificent maths
Cubby is fluffy :)
Measuring in maths
Super sorting of different materials
Brilliant sentences containing common words
Saving the best till last! Mickey Mouse :)

Year 3 home learning

Year 3 creative writing by Alicia

Year 4

Year 5 and 6