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Carterton Primary School

Carterton Primary aims to provide a lifelong love of learning.
Providing a happy and secure environment for learning and growing in confidence.
Sharing a community that promotes success for everyone.

Week 2

Great counting !
Computer skills
Keep going!
Wow! Amazing drawing
Happy birthday!
Great phonics
Amazing crafts!
Super work
Brilliant focus!
Helping with the cooking
Getting creative
Getting out and about
Lovely paitning
Amazing shape pictures
Fab phonics!
Building together
Painting Easter Eggs
Practising pencil control
Developing concentration skills
Brilliant model making
Growing sunflowers
Cooking and concentrating
Creative craft
Fantastic counting
Amazing concentration
Great planting!
Fantastic phonics!
Amazing work
Wow! work
Such careful concentrating!
Working hard!
Comparing heights
Great adding.
Amazing phonics!!
Fantastic pencil control
Cheering up the neighbourhood!
Let's dance!
Role play shop for real snacks!

Year 1 and 2


Builders at work!                   Great maths.               Using my 100 square.  



Hard at work.                  Winning at the sock            Ready to work.




Art and craft - a              A Rock Star in the               Den building.

wonderful unicorn.               making!



Pizza Making.               Working hard.                  Busy reading.



Getting crafty.             Puzzle time.                    First tooth lost.



Time for crafts.          Baking and icing biscuits.    'Mummy school timetable'



Time for music.              Gardening with mum.                Time for a story.



          M&Ms help with maths.                           PE with Joe.

                                               Cosmic Yoga.                       Working hard.                 Writing a letter to Nana.


Posting Nana's letter.              Reading Time.                      The human body.



Super Science.                       Blowing bubbles.                    Working hard.


                  Time to get crafty.                        Oh no! Not the cheeky elves!!



A super self portrait!               Great dot to dot.                  Super phonics.



    Terrific T-Rex!                             Time for baking.


   Painting time.              Who's that behind the mask?            Time for dressing up!


M&M Maths

Still image for this video

Worm world

Wonderful home learning from Willow Class

Brilliant home made number game
Smashing the banana for baking
The finished banana bread
A message to your teachers
Easter crafts
Concentrating and using motor skills
Easter bonnet making
Climbing high!
Exploring with my family
Printing with paint
A fabulous Easter card
Super name writing
Yummy shortbread biscuits
Extremely neat handwriting
A fabulous homemade rocket
A game of table tennis with my sister
I wonder who won?
Super Science by The Professor!
Learning with real life objects
Marvellous maths game fun
Hard at work with a 'little' helper!
Keeping fit with Joe Wicks
A comfortable place to concentrate
Following instructions and working collaboratively

A picture for the Nightingale hospital

Brilliant maths work!

Using real money to solve problems
Year 3 and 4

Amazing home learning

An amazing story by Leah BH

Covid can't stop these amazing football skills

Still image for this video
Year 5 and 6