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Primary School

Willow (Y1&2)

Welcome to Willow Class!

Weekly Update - 26.11.21

This week in Willow Class we have begun exploring multiplication by recognising and making equal groups. We have been using our equal groups to write repeated addition sentences. Next week we will learn more about using the multiplication symbol and how this is linked to repeated addition.

In English we have been learning more about the story we will be acting out for our Christmas assembly. We finished the week by writing our invitations to our families to come and watch our Christmas assembly. The children brought their invitations home today, we can’t wait for you to join us!

Our busy week was finished off with our fantastic Diwali Dance workshop. It was so wonderful to see all of the children dancing with big smiles on their faces. I wonder if they can teach you some of the moves?

Well done to Thomas for receiving the gold award this week, for his perseverance when completing tasks and responding well to feedback.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Steele

Weekly Update - 19.11.21

This week we have been working on our fire engine designs, ready to begin making them next week. The children have thought about suitable materials for each part of their vehicle and have considered ways of making certain parts of their fire engine move, such as the wheels and ladder. We are really looking forward to seeing these designs come to life in our models over the next few weeks.

We have completed our first addition and subtraction unit in maths and will be beginning to look at multiplication and division next week. We will begin to explore the concept by recognising and making equal groups.

Well done to Harrison for receiving this weeks Gold Award, for his wonderful enthusiasm for learning and always working hard. 
Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Steele

Weekly Update - 12.11.21

This week has been another busy week in Willow class. We have begun exploring forces in Science, identifying when we might use pushing or pulling to make things move. 
We have continued working on subtraction, with year 1 beginning to cross 10 and year 2 subtracting 1 digit from 2 digits. 

On Thursday, we all joined in with the 2 minutes silence during our Remembrance assembly, the children were very respectful. 
A huge well done to Lottie for receiving our class gold award this week for a great effort and growing confidence in phonics. Well done Lottie.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Steele

Weekly update: 5.11.21

We have had a great first week back after half term. We have been discussing our British Value for this term, mutual respect. The children were able to think of ways we can show respect and how it feels when others are respectful to us.
In Maths year 1 have been exploring subtraction, using various methods such as crossing out and counting back using a number line. Year 2 have been using their knowledge of number bonds to 10 to explore number bonds to 100.

We have begun our new phonics groups this week, the children are settling in to the new routine and I hope they are enjoying practicing their new reading with you at home.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Steele

Weekly Update - 22.10.21

We have enjoyed a particularly autumnal week in Willow Class this week. We began by listening to some wonderful autumn poems and discussing which ones we liked and why. We went on a walk around the school grounds, using our senses to identify signs of autumn. Ask your child what they saw, smelled, touched and heard. We created a wonderful vocabulary bank of words associated with autumn. We finished the week by using our experiences to write our own autumn poem - these will be a wonderful addition to our autumn display.

The children loved sharing their 50 point projects with the rest of the class, thank you to families for supporting your children with their home learning.

Well done to our Gold Award recipient this week, Amelia B, for her enthusiasm for learning and determination to tackle any task set.

Have a wonderful half term and a spooky Halloween!

Mrs Steele 

Weekly update 15.10.21

This week we have completed our work based around the story of The Magic Porridge Pot. The children have worked really hard to write a recount of the story from the viewpoint of the main character, Hannah. We used time words to help us to sequence the events to tell our recount in the correct order and used our bank of wonderful vocabulary that we have developed through the last 2 weeks.

In Maths we have been exploring fact families and learning that number sentences can be written in different ways with our + and = symbols being used to change the order of our numbers ( 6+4=10 can be written as 4+6=10 and 10=4+6 or 10=6+4)

It was lovely to chat to parents during our parent meetings this week. As discussed during some of these meetings, I will be sending home some useful phonics resources before half term. 
Well done to our gold award recipients this week. Amelia for being a wonderful CPS role model and Olly for his participation and enthusiasm is Maths. Both very well deserved!
Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Steele

Weekly Update - 08.10.21

This week in Willow Class we have exploring the lovely story of 'The Magic Porridge Pot'. Unfortunately our porridge pot wasn't magic so we couldn't have an unlimited supply like Hannah in the story. We have had great fun using adjectives to describe the porridge and other words in the story as well as coming up with other words that had a similar meaning. We are building up a great vocabulary bank! We will be using these to write our own recount of the story next week.

In Maths we have been using the addition symbol to add 2 amounts, children have been representing addition problems using concrete resources, using part whole models, tens frames and number sentences. 

It has been lovely to be surrounded by lots of bright yellow today. We have talked about the importance of looking after our own and each others mental health.

Have a lovely weekend.

Term 1 Week 5

We have all really enjoyed our second week of The Gingerbread Man. We started by looking at imperative verbs and thinking about the ones we could find in a gingerbread recipe. The children all made their own Gingerbread Man with Miss B, fortunately, we didn’t have any escapees! We then used our baking experience to write our own set of instructions to tell someone else how to bake a gingerbread man.

In maths, year 1 have been using number lines to help them to solve problems such as ordering numbers, finding one more and one less and finding numbers greater than and smaller than a given number. Year 2 have been representing numbers within 100 using tens snd ones.

The children explored different types of paper to create texture in art today, we have lots of creative artists in Willow Class!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Steele

Term 1 Week 4

It’s been lovely to have some sunshine back this week, let’s hope the sun hangs around for a while longer. 
We have been sequencing the story of The Gingerbread Man, retelling the story using props, and beginning to explore instructions. We will be giving and following instructions next week to bake our own Gingerbread Man, let’s hope ours doesn’t run away!

In Maths we have been using the words ‘more than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’ to compare groups of objects. We also began to use the inequality symbols to compare our groups. Ask your children about the ‘greedy crocodiles’ and which number they like to eat. 
In Art we have continued to use pastels to create texture and explore shading when creating our own representations of The Great Fire of London.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Steele

Term 1 Week 3:

This week in Willow Class we have continued to enjoy the story of The 3 Little Pigs, we have been taking on the role of one of the characters from the story and writing a diary entry about our day. We created a checklist of key features of a diary including writing in the past tense, describing the setting, our feelings and using time words. 

In Re we explored the meaning of 'Belonging' and talked about where we feel we 'belong', it was lovely to hear the children talking about their families, classes in school and clubs they attend. 

In Science we have continued to investigate various materials and sorting them into man-made and natural materials.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Steele



Term 1 Week 2 

We have had a great first full week in Willow Class.

In English we have all been exploring the well known fairy tale of 'The three little pigs'. The children have been retelling the story to a friend, sequencing the story on their own story map, writing sentences to match their pictures and acting out the story too.

In Maths we have been using various resources to represent groups of objects and matching numbers to amounts. 

We managed to get outdoors for some PE in between showers on Thursday.

I would just like to say how proud I am of how well all the children have returned to school. They have settled into our new classroom really well and we are all learning our new routines. Our year 1 children have adapted so well to a new learning environment and our year 2 children have been super role models.

I hope you all have a restful weekend. See you next week.

Classroom pictures

A huge welcome to Willow Class!


Hello my name is Mrs Steele and I am the teacher in Willow class.

I have been working at CPS for almost 10 years. I love the school because everyone is so friendly, caring and supportive. I even came to the school as a child too! I enjoy going for walks, cycling, spending  time with family and friends and reading - I can't wait to share some of my favourite children's stories with you this year. My favourite colours are purple and blue. 


I have 3 children, they are in year 6 and year 10. We also have a very fluffy and friendly dog called Holly, she is a Cavachon who likes walks but is not so keen on cats.


To find our classroom please come into the main vehicle gate and line up on the left hand side. The staff will meet you and take  the children into class. At the end of the day, you can come in through the gate to the left of the office to wait on the small playground and the children will be let out from the classroom.


Our day starts at 8:40am and finishes at 3:10pm. We have lunch between 12:00pm and 1:00pm


PE Days are: Thursday 

Children can come to school dressed in their PE kits. Children will need:

White t-shirt

Black or grey jogging bottoms/leggings and jumper




This Term’s Topic is:  London’s Burning



Mrs Steele

Willow Class Team:

Mrs Steele - Class Teacher

Mrs Woodham-Davies - Cover Supervisor 

Miss B - Teaching Assistant 

Termly Home Learning Projects

Year 1 common exception words

Year 2 common exception words