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Primary School

Wren (R)

Welcome to Wren Class

Welcome to Wren Class, your Class Teachers are Mrs Taylor and Mrs Pugh.


In our class we learn through play and exploration. Children will have a range of activities set up for them that they can explore throughout the day both inside and outside. There is lots of time to build relationships with our friends as we climb, build, create and talk together.  We practise our letters and sounds each day as we learn to read and write using the 'Read Write Inc' phonics programme.  We also explore numbers, counting and patterns each day, learning new things that we can then use in our play and activities.


Each day you need to bring a water bottle, a suitable coat and a bookbag to school. It is helpful for your child to have a spare change of clothes and a pair of wellington boots kept in school at all times. 


Wren Class Welcome Meeting Presentation

Topic Overview Term 3

Week Beginning 23rd January


This week we have started learning about dinosaurs. We began by talking about what we already know about dinosaurs and made a mind map. We talked about the times when the diosaurs lived and what it was like, then we discussed how we can find out about dinosaurs now through fossils and bones. Next we looked at what the dinosaurs looked like and learnt some of the body parts such as tails, scales, plates, frill, teeth etc. We used this information to label dinosaurs using magnetic letters and writing. We read the story 'Dinosaur Roar' and looked at the describing words used to talk about the dinosaurs, we then came up with some more words to describe the dinosaurs in the story.


In maths we have begun learning about number 7, we made a number 7 table by finding things around the classroom. We made up sets of 7 objects and looked for the digit written on things. We have been practising our careful counting by lining up objects and counting each one once. Next we moved onto looking at a tens frame and counting out 7 objects to put on it. We looked at how many empty spaces we had and noticed that there was always 3 empty no matter where we positioned our 7 objects.

Week Beginning 9th January


This week we have been to the polar regions, we had to wrap up warm! We have been learning about what animals live in the Arctic and the Antarctic. We have been learning some facts about polar bears and wrote them down to make some information sheets.


We have been working together to make some fantastic models at the junk modelling table and on the carpet with the wooden blocks, take a look at our photos, great teamwork Wrens!


We have also begun our learning about number 6 this week. We practised writing the number 6 and found lots of objects in our classroom to represent 6, we then created a number 6 table in the Maths Area. What can you find at home to represent 6? Can you see any houses with a number 6 on their door? Don't forget to practise writing number 6 at home using the rhyme "bend down low to pick up sticks, now I've made a number 6!"

Week Beginning 5th December


Our Nativity rehearsals are in full swing. We have been onto the stage and are busy learning our lines and shouting them from the climbing frame using our stage voices. We have used our fine motor skills to create beautiful Christmas cards, we had to design some baubles and use scissors to cut and stick them onto card, we even got to use glitter! We've painting wooden tree decorations and have made salt dough, exploring how to make different imprints in the dough by finding objects with different textures.


In Maths we have been focusing on the composition of 5, exploring different ways of making 5 using numicon and multilink cubes. We have been subitising numbers up to 5. We also looked at a numberline and found 1 more and 1 less that a given number, jumping forwards and backwards.

Week Beginning 28th November


This week we have learnt about the Christmas Story. We read the story together, then we read it again adding in our Nativity songs in the right places. We discussed the characters and the setting and learnt that this is the reason why we celebrate Christmas. We made box nativities where we had to work together to create a stable and some characters to go inside. We have enjoyed role playing with these all week! Next we discussed what we do at home to celebrate Christmas and listened to each others ideas and compared them to ours. We decorated the class Christmas tree and have been busy making decorations.


In maths we are continuing to learn about number 5. We have looked at different parts that make up 5 using a variety of objects, e.g. 2 and 3 makes 5. We looked at a 5 pence piece and used 1ps and 2ps to make 5p.



Week Beginning 21st November


This week we have been preparing for Fred the Frog's 5th birthday! We began by brainstorming all our ideas about how we celebrate a birthday, then we set to work getting ourselves ready. We wrote invitations to our friends telling them to come to Fred's party on Friday in Wren Class. Then we got scissor happy with some toy catalogues finding ideas for Fred's birthday presents, we practised our phonics by labelling the toys we chose. There was some fantastic scissor skills! Next we decided to make decorations, we made paper chains and discussed how we could make them longer and longer. Some of us cut out crowns to wear as party hats. We made Fred some food in the sensory area using playdough and labelled the food so he knew what he was eating, we even counted out some candles to go on top. We made birthday cards for Fred, signing them with our names so he knew who they were from and attached them to presents that we had bought in our classroom shop and then wrapped up beautifully! We also made lists of party food and learnt how to write a list with one word underneath another.


We have also begun our learning about number 5 this week. We practised writing the number 5 and found lots of objects in our classroom to represent 5, we then created a number 5 table in the Maths Area. What can you find at home to represent 5? Can you see any houses with a number 5 on their door? Don't forget to practise writing number 5 at home using the rhyme "draw the hat the back and the belly. It's a five watch out it might come alive!".

Week Beginning 14th November


This week is Anti Bullying Week. We began the week with Odd Socks Day and discussed with the children what the word bullying means. We learnt that we are all wearing odd socks to show that we are all different and we celebrate that everyone is unique. We talked about ways we could be a good friend and what we like about our friends. We made cards and friendship bracelets, practising writing our names and our friend's names. We read the story 'Giraffe's can't dance' explaining that it is easy to feel like Gerald and think we can't do things but we can - we just need to keep trying. We wrote about what we are good at and what we can't do YET, but with practise we will be able to.


We ended the week with Children in Need, we watched the Children in Need song and linked it to our school value of Kindness. We talked about feelings and emotions and used these to explain how the money we have raised helps children in need.


In maths we have completed our final week of number 4. We have explored different ways of making 4 using numicon and part part whole models. We looked at subitising numbers to 4 and recognising these patterns on dominoes.


Number Formation Rhymes

Classroom pictures

About your Class Teachers


Hello, my name is Mrs Taylor and I teach in Wren Class.  I joined CPS last year and am really enjoying working with all the children! Prior to working at CPS I taught for 13 years at a Primary school in Oxford. I have two young children, both boys, 2 and 5. My 5 year old is also in Reception. I have 1 ginger Persian cat and a rabbit, who used to live at my previous school in my classroom! I love to sing and will make up songs and rhymes about anything. As a family we love exploring the outdoors and finding new walks in our local area.


Hello! My name is Mrs Harrison and I am one of the teachers in Wren Class.  I have been working at CPS for many years and love the school because there is a fantastic team spirit.  CPS is a really special place to work as I love the enthusiasm and energy of the children who come to our school. 

I have 3 children at home and a tabby cat called Pippin. I like going on long walks and getting outside as much as possible. I love visiting different places and getting to the seaside as often as I can!


Hello I’m Mrs Pugh and am another teacher in Wren Class.  I have been teaching at CPS for a number of years and absolutely love it!  I have 3 children at home and a cat called Poppadom.  I love singing and playing the guitar and piano.  I take part in amateur dramatic productions and am a huge musicals fan!  I also enjoy playing games with my family and going for walks in the countryside.

Collecting Your Child At The End Of The Day


To find our classroom please come into school and down the main driveway, turn right through the double gates, this will bring you to the playground, follow the playground round until you see our outside area. The gate to our outside area will be unlocked for you to come through and wait. A member of staff will open the door  and call your child to come out as they see you waiting.

50 Things to do before you are 5!


50 Things To Do aims to provide inspiration for parents and carers to connect with children through a range of activities, all designed to have a positive impact on learning and health.


50 Things provides a local offer to families, guiding them to places to visit, and fun things to do on their doorstep. They'll be shown how to make best use of their local libraries, museums, parks and wild spaces - helping to promote community cohesion at the same time.

Presented and packaged through a mobile app means it is easy to get started and conveniently available whenever the moment arises for a new activity.

Useful Resources to Support Learning at Home