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Carterton Primary School

Carterton Primary aims to provide a lifelong love of learning.
Providing a happy and secure environment for learning and growing in confidence.
Sharing a community that promotes success for everyone.

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Damian Booth - Executive Headteacher

Mrs Rachel Claridge - Acting Head of School 

Mr Ashley Young - Acting Assistant Head of School

Mrs Gill Lock - Primary Business Manager


Middle Leadership Team

Mr Ashley Young - KS2 Coordinator (with English and Maths)

Mrs Nadine Lewis & Mrs Jackie Tinsley - KS1 Coordinator (with English & Maths)

Mrs Claire Pugh - EYFS Coordinator - Reception - Oak Class



Miss Sally Goodchild - Nursery - Ash Class

Mrs Paula Taylor - Reception - Oak Class (Mon-Wed)

Mrs Laura Turner - Reception - Elm Class (Mon-Wed)

Mrs Jennie Harrison - Reception - Elm Class (Wed - Fri)

Miss Zoe Phillips - Year 1 - Willow Class

Miss Lucy Woodham-Davies - Year 1/2 - Beech Class

Mrs Nadine Lewis - Year 2 (Mon - Wed) - Pine Class

Mrs Jackie Tinsley - Year 2 (Wed - Fri) - Pine Class

Miss Barden & Mr Jenkins - Year 3 - Birch Class

Mrs Thrower - Year 3/4 - Maple Class

Mr Young - Year 4 - Chestnut Class

Miss Carter - Year 5 - Sycamore Class

Mrs Wiltshire - Year 6 - Hawthorn Class



Cover Supervisors

Mrs Chris Green - EYFS

Mrs Jennie Woodham-Davies - Key Stage 1

Mrs Justine Smith - Key Stage 2 


Learning Support Assistants

EYFS (Keypeople)

Mrs Anita Steele

Mrs Chris Green

Mrs Kim Clarke

Miss Sam Bate

Mrs Gemma Carpenter

Ms Holly Workman

Ms Emma Dowsett



Mrs Helena Tuck

Mrs Jennie Woodham-Davies

Mrs Maria Davis

Mrs Beth Lucas

Ms Vicky Goodyear

Miss Lucy Spoors



Miss Jenny Rogers

Miss Rachel Lisk - also "Early Birds" Breakfast club Leader

Mrs Julie Kerry

Mrs Justine Smith

Mrs Hayley Dunn

Mrs Julia Scott

Mrs Sandie Watters



Mrs Tracey Harris


Non-teaching staff

Mrs Rose Byrne - Office Administrator

Mrs Tess Brooker - Service Families Key Worker

Mrs Beth Lucas - Office Administrator

Mr Gordon Morris - Site Manager

Mr Nick Messer - Caretaker

Mrs Denise Archer - Lunchtime Playleader and Afterschool Worker

Mrs Steph Hillbeck - Kitchen Lead

Mrs Catherine Marshall - Kitchen Staff

Mrs Carla Carey - Kitchen Staff

Mrs Chris Smith - School Crossing Patrol