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Carterton Primary School

Carterton Primary aims to provide a lifelong love of learning.
Providing a happy and secure environment for learning and growing in confidence.
Sharing a community that promotes success for everyone.

Healthy Bodies and Minds

Healthy School

Health can be measured in many ways and at CPS we encourage healthy bodies and minds.


CPS children have great opportunities to develop their physical health and wellbeing. We plan and deliver active PE lessons, both indoor and outdoor - weather permitting! Key Stage 2 also spend time at the pool developing their swimming skills.


A range of on and off site tournaments are participated in with recent examples including Tag Rugby, Multiskills, Indoor Athletics as well as involving external sports coaches in areas such as tennis and kwik cricket.


Year 5 also have the opportunity to develop road safety and cycle awareness through the cycling proficiency scheme each summer.


We also encourage children in selected year groups to take part in the residential visits that we plan - Year 4 take part in a 2 night visit to Court Hill and Year 6 enjoy a 5 night visit to an activity centre. These help children to develop resilience (many are away from home for the first time), new skills (making a bed!) and develop new friendship groups which in turn helps to diffuse some issues before they even arise, allowing them to focus more clearly on their learning throughout the year. 


Mental health is vital in being able to become an active and independent learner - being able to think through a problem and try different solutions before arriving at a final solution is a great skill to develop and it encourages children to want to discover more for themselves and to develop their own thinking skills.


Nutritional health is something we really excel at here at CPS with our nutritionally balanced lunches, providing a varied range of dishes each carefully created to ensure a healthy diet for the children. Those having a packed lunch are encouraged to keep it healthy where possible to refuel our busy learners.

In January 2020 the school council met with Aspens to discuss the new menu and options available for a healthy, nutritional and tasty lunch.


Many classes also cook or bake during the school year to encourage discussion about healthy diets as well as developing the skills to measure, prepare and cook a healthy recipe.


We request that children have a healthy snack for breaktimes such as an apple, banana or a pot of grapes etc... Water plays a vital role in keeping us healthy so children have access to drinking water in the classroom and water bottles can be brought in and kept in the room for this purpose.


Emotional wellbeing is paramount to a happy child and a happy school - CPS takes great pride in developing awareness of others through our Values, choosing a specific area to focus on each term really focuses thinking. 


Awareness of environments, no matter on what scale from global to individual classrooms, is a driving force within the school.  

Listed below are some ways that help to make our impact a little less noticeable on the environment around us.


  • Each classroom is actively involved in recycling all the paper waste.
  • Turning off lights in spaces that are not being used.
  • Developing garden or growing spaces around the school to encourage birds and other creatures.
  • Turning off projectors when not in use.
  • Closing doors behind us - especially in winter!

Eco Council and Eco School


From November 2019, the school began running an Eco Council, with children from Key Stage Two. The children decided to make the recycling of rubbish a priority, and created posters for all of the classrooms, to remind people to recycle, and what needs to be put into the bins. They also conducted a survey to find out how people get to school, walking, scooting, cycling or by car. 


From February 2020, the Eco Council will include children from Key Stage One and EYFS, with a focus on completing an environmental review, and gardening. The school has just registered to become an Eco School, and the Eco Council are very excited to begin following the seven steps, to become an Eco School.


Watch this space!