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Primary School

Our Curriculum


We have a motivating and stimulating curriculum which encourages children to ask questions, become increasingly independent learners, collaborate with others and to be aspirational. There is an emphasis on vocabulary and reading between subjects. Learning is not wholly about the academic but also about developing values and sharing exciting experiences. We use our values as curriculum drivers we want our children to be :

Respectful individuals - for ourselves and others in all we say and do

Confident team members - believing  in ourselves and making a positive contribution to our community

Determined learners - we overcome obstacles and reach success

Aspirational thinkers - we  dream BIG and work hard to be successful

Kind Participants - we support and help others and empathize with those experiencing challenges

Enthusiastic Enquirers - we seek opportunities, find positives, and pursue talents and interests.  Our Curriculum is fully inclusive and ensures all children, regardless of ability or background, have the knowledge and cultural capital to be successful members of society.



We teach subjects discreetly using learning journeys and, where appropriate, enquiry questions to hook the children into the subject.  

Each journey has a clear start and progression as well as outcomes and children are aware at each stage of the journey what they need to ‘get better’ at doing and to build upon existing knowledge and skills to ensure that these can be applied in all areas of the curriculum. 

We use real life learning and situations where possible. As part of our planning, we ensure regular recaps of subject content and opportunities to deepen the children’s understanding of their learning. 

Key texts are carefully chosen for English Learning Journeys which complement learning in the wider curriculum. 

In this respect, our curriculum allows for the accumulation of knowledge and skills, for the children to build on what they know and embed knowledge to enter the long-term memory – making it stick!

In many subject areas we follow a spiral curriculum, in which certain topics are revisited several times during a child’s school career, in increasing depth.

The learning at the end of each term will be celebrated and shared with our wider community, examples include : an art exhibition, a sharing assembly, a living museum.




We aim for all of our children to leave CPS respectful, skillful, aspirational and with a thirst for life and all it has to offer.

For further information about the CPS curriculum, please contact our curriculum lead, Mrs HIll .